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V2 Cigs Ultimate Kit

Filed in New Products by on January 21, 2011

The V2 Electronic Cigarette Ultimate Kit

The Ultimate Kit, by V2 Cigs, is easily the most robust micro-cig starter kit on the market today. This kit includes everything! Unlike most electronic cigarette kits on the market, which ship with one or two batteries, the Ultimate Kit by V2 Cigs is a three battery starter kit. Inevitably, every e-cig consumer ends up buying additional batteries at some point, but with the Ultimate Kit by V2 Cigs you have everything you need.

The V2 Ultimate Kit ships with three possible battery colors (Black, White, or Stainless Steel) and two possible switch options (Manual or Automatic). Many other popular electronic cigarette brands do not offer a manual battery option, which makes the V2 Ultimate Kit a very interesting proposition. Experienced consumers will really enjoy a manual switch option, because of the ability to regulate the vapor thickness. Unlike the automatic battery that is activated by puffing alone, the manual battery has a tiny push button switch on the side of the battery. By holding this switch down longer before a puff, and keeping it held down throughout the puff, fans can achieve unbelievable vapor thicknesses.

In addition to the batteries and included USB charger and wall adapter, this kit comes with 25 vapor cartridges (cartomizers), and a handful of very handy accessories, including a 12v Automobile Adapter; a Metal Carry Case (available in White, Black, or Silver); a Portable Charging Case (PCC) that can charge your batteries from your pocket, and a 5 Volt V2 Power-Cig a very powerful wired electronic cigarette that can be used at your office desk or in your car attached to the 12v auto adapter.

Depending upon sales, this starter kit can range in price between $149.95 and $159.95, which is a little higher than most kits on the market, but considering that this is a 3 battery kit including over $250 of cartridges and accessories, the V2 Ultimate kit is one of the greatest values available online. For the person ready to stock up, the V2 Ultimate Kit is definitely the best value out there.

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