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New Study Sheds Light on Effectiveness of E-cigs

Filed in News & Politics by on February 9, 2011
A new study available online and being published in the April edition of the American Journal of Preventative Medicine found electronic cigarettes have nearly twice the effectiveness in helping people kick the smoking habit as nicotine gum, nicotine patches or prescription drugs like Chantix.
New Study Sheds Light on Effectiveness of E-cigsThe study, led by Boston University School of Public Health (BUSPH) researcher Michael Siegel, provides the first unbiased study conducted on the use of electronic cigarettes. This new information is in stark contrast to previous studies being distributed by opponents of electronic cigarettes.
“This study suggests that e-cigs are helping thousands of ex-smokers remain off cigarettes,” said Michael Siegel.
Boston Researchers discovered a 31 percent success rate among respondents to the study six months after their first purchase of an electronic cigarette. Average success rates among traditional nicotine replacement methods such as nicotine patches or gum are a meager 12-18 percent.
Why are e-cigs so successful? While additional studies need to done on what contributes to their effectiveness, Siegel said he believes there is a link between satisfying the physical behavior of smoking and resulting success in quitting.
Cynthia Marshall, a nearly 30-year veteran of cigarette smoking found instant success with her V2 Cig and posted her excitement about it in our forum. “I tried all the stop-smoking products and none of them worked for me. As soon as I was in a situation where other people were smoking-especially at a bar or during breaks at work-I’d give in and light up. Now that I have my V2 I finally feel in control.”
According to Siegel, “While it is well-recognized that nicotine plays a role in smoking addiction, little attention has been given to the behavioral aspects of the addiction. These devices simulate the smoking experience, which appears to make them effective as a smoking cessation tool.”


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