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The V2 Cigs Facebook Challenge Winner

Filed in Promotions by on February 28, 2011

A few weeks ago, V2 Cigs announced a fun Facebook challenge asking for cool tag lines about V2.

We received so many fantastic slogans—nearly 100 total—it was difficult to choose a winner!  While we may not be using these in our promo material, we wanted to show our appreciation and share the fun by featuring these great taglines in our blog.


  • I found a new gig with a V2cig! – M. King
  • No more discrimination, done with recrimination, regular smoke is an abomination, vaping is call for celebration!! –K. Withstyle
  • Put out the fire with V2! –M. Young
  • V2…so easy a caveman can smoke it –K. Ruiter
  • Get a V2 and someone might start kissing you! – K. Locher
  • Bring a v2 to your house, and you’ll hear no more nagging spouse. –K. Locher
  • V2….because I want free stuff…too. lol – R. Park
  • I can’t believe it’s not smoke! – R. Park
  • V2…Anywhere you want to!-  Maximum Draw Prod
  • Pack of cigarettes $5.00, Chest X-rays $500.00, Lifetime of home oxygen $5,000, Life with V2……..Priceless –Maximum Draw Prod
  • Daddy, what were ‘Ashtrays’? –S. Rousell

FIRST PRIZE and a bunch of V2 swag goes to Kenneth Bagley with his entries:

  • “V2 and Say, I used to”
  • ‎”Use V2 and Breath better too”

Congratulations Kenneth! Your prizes are in the mail. Thank you everyone for your participation and look out for more V2 Cigs  Facebook challenges in the future.


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