Top 6 Gadgets for Kicking Bad Habits

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Here on V2 Cigs, we know bad habits can be hard give up. We’ve brought you a collection of the latest gadgets—including our personal favorite–designed to help you kick your vices to the curb.

#6 The Portion Plate

When your eyes are bigger than your stomach, this handy tool will put you back on track. Available in plates, place mats, bowls and drink containers, they come customized to men, women and children.

Portion plates and accessories are illustrated with familiar images to train you to prepare perfectly balanced meals in portion sizes to lose weight.  Buy a set for the whole family to see those pounds disappear.

So let’s see: a pack of cards of meat, a cassette tape of grains and a baseball and computer mouse of fruit and veggies? No problem!

Price: $4.95-11.95 at

#5 The PhotonTM Time Projection Pen

This gadget is perfect for procrastinators. Part James Bond, part college professor, The PhotonTM Time Projector Pen writes just like a normal pen. With a push of a button it becomes a sci-fi fantasy, projecting a laser image of the time and date on the nearest wall.

We aren’t saying this will keep you from being late, but at least you will know how late you are.

Price: $17.95 on Amazon

#4 Breathkey Breathalyzer Keychain

BreathKey is the smallest and lightest breathalyzer in the world, with big features.

This little gadget fits on your keychain, in your purse or in your car so you never have to doubt whether it’s safe to drive. It’s the perfect gift for your loved ones so they never get into a car with a friend who shouldn’t be driving. This is the only breathalyzer of this size to contain a fuel cell alcohol sensor of the same type used in police equipment. The BreathKey is easy to use and is FDA certified.

Price: $69.95 on Amazon

#3 Autom, the Weight Loss Coach

If the The Portion Control Plate doesn’t do the trick, maybe this gadget will.

Autom the weight loss coach becomes your own personal friend and confidant to talk you through the pitfalls of dieting.

She’ll keep track of your calorie intake, tell you how great you are and push you to do better. Exercise workouts are included in the program.

There is also a male version, Automata, who gives different types of encouragement than his female counterpart. The conversations evolve over time due to this gadget’s intuitive programming created by the folks at intuitiveautomata.

Autom is not available for sale yet, but will be priced at $500-$600

#2 The Proverbial Wallet

Do you have a problem with overspending? John Kestner, a graduate and research affiliate of the MIT Media Lab has come up with a set of smart wallets that actually behave differently according to how much cash you spend.

To control those consumerist impulses, he created three versions of the wallet, which use Bluetooth and your cell phone to gather financial information and then react to your spending habits. Kestner believes the tactile changes will make consumers more aware of their spending habits.

The Peacock version appears to grow and shrink according to your account balance. The Mother Bear will tighten its hinge, making it difficult to open while the Bumblebee vibrates each time you swipe your credit card.

The wallets are still in prototype stages

#1 V2 Cigs Electronic Cigarette

Does smoking have you out in the cold? With smoking bans spreading far and wide, cigarettes are simply inconvenient. Not to mention the toll it takes on your health and wallet.

V2 Cigs has a convenient, techno-alternative with its electronic cigarette. It operates with a rechargeable battery and disposable cartridges containing your choice of nicotine strengths (zero to eighteen mg) in flavors ranging from tobacco to chocolate.

The best part? These pseudo-cigarettes emit a refreshing water vapor instead of smoke and don’t contain the harmful toxins in traditional cigarettes (tar and carbon monoxide anyone?). Since they don’t produce secondhand smoke you can take them nearly everywhere without smelling like an ashtray.

Price: $89.95 for a standard kit containing 2 batteries, 10 cartridges, USB charger, wall adapter and user manual. On sale now for $10.00 off