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V2 Cigs Fan of the Week: Jim's Story

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Dear V2,

My name is Jim and up until this year, I had been a smoker of cigarettes for over 20 years. This year was the year that I made a personal commitment to quit them for good. I started off about 4 months ago, using the “tried and true” quit smoking method of wearing patches.  I was not new to this as I had quit smoking about 10 years ago using this method and for the most part, about 3 months or so, I was doing well but then the bottom fell out of my life and I started smoking again.

For a time, I could actually say I enjoyed it, but as time went on, I started to get those moments where I would observe my own health and that’s when I realized that smoking shouldn’t have to be a part of my life.  It took over, becoming more than just a habit and my health was suffering because of it.  Getting sick often, being out of breath at such a young age, and not having the desire to do many physical activities was becoming the norm.  I would sit back and see everyone else enjoying themselves all the while I was still puffing away on those darned cigarettes.

When I first started to smoke, I didn’t do it because it was cool, even though I grew up during a time when it was the “in” thing to do.  I did it initially out of curiosity, but then I realized how it made me feel so I continued and the rest was history.  As I look back on that life and all the money wasted and all the sickness I had because of it, I feel a lot of regret, but I guess with being human, you learn from your mistakes, even those that can take a toll on your health.

Reading into quitting, I found that most folks who talked about it said it’s never too late and there is a good chance that your health can be restored significantly.  As with most things,  the real proof is revealed through experience.  Vaping became a viable option for me after I noticed that the patches weren’t having the same effect as 10 years ago.  Perhaps it was my immunity to nicotine, but more so it was the fact that the “act’ of smokingwas no longer there and this is when the fidgeting, irritability and everything else started to show.  My determination was NOT at an end and I still needed to find the right way to quit.

I did my share of research, read the success stories, checked out the countless websites that sold “vaporware”, but it was ultimately a decision I needed to make.  I thought of it as killing two birds with one stone.  I would get what my body craves both physically and mentally but again, I was apprehensive about taking on these new unknown substances that would accompany the nicotine.  After further reading I found that in the end, inhaling about 4 ingredients as opposed to 4000 was much much better.  Inhaling nothing at all is always best, but when you factor in what I HAD been doing, this was going to be an improvement.  I ultimately settled on V2, mainly because their advertising wasn’t in your face and what they had to offer was exactly what I wanted and needed!  Their services were efficient and courteous, what they offered for kits and accessories made the decision easier as I knew where I could go anytime to get stocked up.  It took a little while getting used to vaping but now that I have the hang of it, I like it!

I have to say that as each day goes by and I do still practice the same habits of going outside to vape and even having to go to the designated smoking areas, I observe what everyone else is doing and I kinda feel sorry for them as they just haven’t opened their mind up to the idea of switching over.  They are spending a whole lot more money (money to burn I guess, no pun intended) and their health isn’t going to get better!  I do get looks, but I know they know what I am doing.  Sometimes I crack a smile knowing that I am doing something far better and I can now walk up those stairs to my office and not feel like I’m dying!

Fast forward to now….3 months cigarette free.  This makes me happy and all the while I am taking care of the cravings and I also know that I can step down the nicotine levels to zero and ultimately be free of nicotine completely.  I am in no rush though and I don’t have a program that I subscribe to.  Everything is on my own terms and in the meantime, my clothing doesn’t smell, my breath doesn’t smell, people don’t mind being around me and most importantly, my health really has improved as I haven’t gotten sick like I used to.  I have to admit that I enjoy vaping more than smoking.  I think it’s because of the flavor but also because I know I am doing something better.  I have more energy and my overall feeling is better each day.

I want to thank V2 for being there for me when I needed them and I do hope they continue their wonderful services as I know they are help the vast majority of people kick the addiction, especially me.  I consider myself more than a fan, I am an EX….smoker that is!!


Jim Morvay

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