Passenger Pelts Flight Attendant with Peanuts and Pretzels over Electronic Cigarette

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V2 Cigs No SmokingA Southwest Airlines flight departing from LAX en route to Utah did not have a happy ending for one of its passengers.  42 year old, Pogos Paul Sefilian was arrested upon landing in Salt Lake City on charges that he tossed peanuts and pretzels at a flight attendant. By all accounts, it appears that the man turned furious after he was told by the crew he could not use his electronic cigarette aboard the flight.

The ordeal apparently began shortly after 6 p.m. when Sefilian boarded Southwest Flight 188 at Los Angeles International Airport and started using his e-cigarette. He was told by a flight attendant he could not use the device onboard and was asked to put it away. It appears the crew’s request may have ruffled some of the unruly passenger’s feathers and after some arguing he finally agreed to stow his e-cig.

After takeoff however, Sefilian pulled out the device again and started puffing away. Within seconds, a flight attendant instructed him to put the e-cigarette down at which point the disorderly passenger became totally enraged. In a fit of anger, Sefilian started pelting the attendant with peanuts and pretzels, even aiming his bombardment of salty snacks at the cockpit door.

In a final act of unruliness, as the flight approached Salt Lake City, the ill-behaved 42 year old jumped out of his seat and began opening overhead compartments.  Flight attendants made six speaker announcements for Selifian to sit down, however, clearly blinded by fury he refused to calm down and instead began puffing out his chest at the flight crew, like a peacock in mating.

FBI agents were waiting for Selifian at the Salt Lake City Airport gate, and arrested him upon arrival. He was charged with interfering with a flight crew and is being held in a Utah jail pending a hearing.

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  1. I would say, “Yes ma’am and put the device away. In about 15 or 20 minutes I’d go to the restroom and have a few good drags. No one would know the difference. The exhaled vapor has no lasting odor and is not harmful. But the appearance in a public cabin might cause concern.

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