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V2 Cigs Fan of the Week: Sandi's Story

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Sandi V2 Cigs Fan of the WeekHi my name is Sandi and I “was” a smoker for over 40 years. I received my Ultimate kit from V2 Cigs on May 4th of this year and haven’t had a tobacco cigarette since……now that might not seem like that long to many people, only a little over two months but believe me it’s HUGE. I have tried many, many times over the years to quit smoking without much success at all and never for this long before.

Of course the 40 years of smoking has taken its toll on my health. I have heart disease and severe COPD from the smoking. Up until a few weeks ago I would cough pretty much all day long and wheeze……OMG, I would wake myself up at night wheezing. Anyway the good news for me is that I rarely cough if at all anymore and my wheezing is completely gone. Of course my lungs will never improve because of the COPD but at least I have slowed down the rate that they will worsen. I only wish I had been introduced to e-cigs many years ago but at least I have got my family all using them and that makes me happy to see them vaping instead of smoking.

My family of course is delighted that I am no longer smoking…….and so am I. I love vaping. My sister, a 40 year smoker as well has also completely quit, this to me is totally amazing since she has never tried to quit smoking nor ever wanted to but she got her Ultimate kit the same time I did and hasn’t smoked since, it’s fabulous.

How I was introduced to the electronic cigarette…….well, I was on Champix for about the third or fourth time and the Champix once again was not agreeing with me at all. I was very depressed about not smoking, incredible how an addiction can take over your life like that and I just want to say that the stress for some people trying to quit smoking is almost harder on them than the actual smoking. Stress is a killer…….anyway back to my story. One day I was complaining to my girlfriend about what a hard time I was having with the quitting thing and she suggested an electronic cigarette…..I had never heard of them, she told me she saw them at a kiosk in the mall so the very next day I headed to the mall to get myself one. I bought it and thought it was great…….I went home and did a ton of research on the internet about e-cigs….well as it turns out I got pretty badly ripped off at that kiosk.

I love telling people this part…….I paid 130.00 for one battery, 5 cartridges, an atomizer (which proved to be defective)and a charger. So after all my research online I decided on V2, I ordered the Ultimate kit and got three batteries, 25 cartomizers, a carrying case, a power cig, a PCC, charger and car adapter for 150.00….OMG, no comparison and the V2 products are much better than the mall cig. So stay away from the Mall e-cigs!!!!!

I just have to say something about the V2 staff. When I placed my first order I order for 6 other people at the same time. I placed my order over the phone with Miguel who was awesome and very helpful. I have since had to return a few items to V2 to be replaced…….and honestly I just can’t say enough about the support staff there. I absolutely love the fact that you can go on a live chat and deal with your problems, this is so fantastic. I have dealt with Stephanie who is awesome and several others on the chat, Jessica being extremely helpful…….well they all are, I shouldn’t be mentioning names, they have all been great.

Now vaping might not be for everyone and some people aren’t as committed to it as I am but for the most part everyone that I have turned onto it has either quit smoking completely or at least cut their cigarette bill to a third of what it was.

I think for anyone out there that hasn’t actually tried it……..you must, trying it is the selling feature. Most people think “oh, it’s another one of those nicotine inhalers of some kind”……not true at all…….you must try it and experience it.

Well I could literally go on and on and on about V2 and their e-cigs in general but enough is enough.

Thank you V2 and thank you ALL the V2 Cigs staff…….you’re all awesome.

V2 rocks……….happy vaping everyone!!!!!

-Sandi Herman

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