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10 Fun Ways to Use Your E-cig (Other than Smoking)

Filed in E-Cig Lovers by on August 12, 2011

The electronic cigarette is one of the coolest new products currently on the market despite having ignited a firestorm of controversy. Electronic cigarettes have one clear purpose: they were created so smokers would have an alternative to the burning, stench spreading and ash producing which is typical of conventional cigarette smoking.

While we love the electronic cigarette for it’s often life changing qualities, we can’t help but wonder what other novel ways we can use this handy gadget. So we came up with a few ideas ourselves and gathered some testimonials from forum members and vapers from around the web. Here’s our list:

V2 Cigs Electronic Cigarette LED1. Mini Flash Light: After a fun night out, it’s late and there are no light in the hallway leading up to your apartment. Your e-cig will guide you all the way to the door and light up the lock so you may slide the key in without a problem.

2. Light saber: Granted it doesn’t make cool sounds or pose much of a threat, but a true Jedi will know the Force is strong in their e-cig, and use their imagination accordingly.

3. Scale: Place the e-cig on your index finger, perfectly horizontal. Hang an item from a string on either end of the device. For each 1 degree your e-cig goes down, count about 14.7 grams.

4. Weapon: If a strange individual approaches you too closely, point the e-cig it straight at him and say you’ll shoot. The momentary confusion may give you an extra 30 seconds to fumble for your pepper spray.

blue V2 Cigs led in the dark5. Glow Stick: On your way to a rave? No time to stop at the party supply store? Say no more: suck on your e-cig while dancing and you’re sure to draw a few onlookers.

6. Spin the e-cig: A modern twist on spin the bottle, with pretty colors, LED lights and the appeal of sharing a puff of fresh vapor before that kiss in the closet.

7. Doorstopper: If today is moving day and everything you own is packed, worry not, your e-cig wears many hats. Simply stick it between the door and its frame and it will hold it wide open while you run up and down the stairs with your life packed in boxes.

8. Straight edge: Suddenly in the need to draw perfectly straight lines on a piece of paper? No problem, your e-cig will give you a few inches to draw a straight line along.

9. Dibble for gardening: If you feel the sudden urge to revamp your backyard and add a few beets, your e-cig will produce holes to plant your seedlings without getting dirt in your fingernails.

10. Fashion Accessory: String your battery around your neck on a handy lanyard or replace your tiny earring studs with colorful flavor cartridges.  They come in many colors but one size fits all!

Do you have more fun ways to use your e-cig? Send to: biggestfan@v2cigs so we can publish in our blog!

*This blog is intended as comedy.


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