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V2 Cigs Fan of the Week: Barb’s Story

Filed in Our Fans by on August 18, 2011

Barb Fan of the weekHI EVERYONE! My name is Barb Miller and I am 53 years old, I am from Southern Minnesota and pictured with me is my youngest of 15 grandchildren and just one of the reasons I am here on this site writing to you about my V2 Cigs experience.

At about 12 years old I started smoking with my friends, back then we would find my friends mom or dads longer cigarette butts in the ashtray and sneak out to the shed. (Disgusting right?) Well by the time I was 13, I had  jobs walking beans, de tasseling corn and babysitting in the colder months, so I had money in my pocket! Boy you guessed it, NO MORE CIGARETTE BUTTS FOR THIS GIRL! Nope! I went to the gas station where a high school friend always worked and stuck 50cents in the machine and got me a whole pack for myself! Everyday I would buy a pack of Kools and man I thought I was so cool!

I smoked through all 4 of my pregnancies, I smoked with my kids in the house, I smoked in my bed, I smoked in the car, I SMOKED IN THE HOSPITAL BED IN THE HOSPITAL! Wow, how embarrassed I am now for doing that to my children and people around me. I do owe them all a sincere apology for being so naive. Those times were different. But now I don’t need to tell you after 40 years of smoking up to 2 packs a day, this grandma felt anything but cool. The main reason I started thinking it would be a good idea to quit is because of the rising cost of cigarettes, and I hated smelling like a cigarette butt!  But darn it, I really enjoy the hand to mouth relationship I had developed and I really enjoy the relaxing ritual of a cigarette…what to do…. what to do….

That is when I started researching this thing called “vaping”. I researched and read reviews and health reports and thought maybe this would “help me cut down”. After months and months of searching, I decided the one I wanted to go with, and their rave reviews was V2 Cigs. Now, there was the next problem….I work at a grocery store part-time, just so I have some “Cigarette and a little Fun Money” in my pocket, and that is pretty much all I have money for, how am I going to afford cigarettes AND a starter kit at the same time? Hmmmm….well my dear husband Glen, who is not a smoker, decided what a perfect gift, and it was!

I was so excited, but I was skeptical and nervous that if it didn’t help me cut down and save us some money, that Glen’s gift would have been a big waste of money. But I got on the V2 site and knew exactly what I wanted to order, I started with the Traveler Kit. Then I sat back, lit up a cigarette and PRAYED! Smoked and prayed every day until it arrived…..and then it came! It couldn’t of come at a better time as I was just on my last pack from my carton. I put that pack on top of the fridge for the expected nic-fit I was going to have and opened my kit.

Well I am proud to tell you that 123 days later that pack still sits on top of my refrigerator, untouched….I am throwing it away today and consider myself a former smoker! YIPPEE!

I cannot express to you how easy it was for me to transform into the great smelling, cough free, COOL Grandma I am today! It makes me feel so great when my 13 year old grandson Ethan tells me how proud he is of me!

For those skeptics out there, I will tell you that the only thing I had a problem with is changing my routine…no more having go outside, remember, I live in Minnesota, not so fun in the winter! No more having to clean out smelly ash trays, no more having to wait until the kids left, no more coughing up a lung each morning. NO MORE! And food taste wonderful….and I can smell…everything….LIFE IS GOOD!

And so I want to thank you V2, my family wants to thank you, for your wonderful life saving products and I am proud to be a regular customer to you! And I do want to mention the great customer service you provide, never a worry if I need assistance or need a replacement, your team is always ready to serve. Keep up the great work!

Sincerely, Barb

P.S. Oh how can I forget to tell you this? My kit more than paid for itself in one month and I did a “low ball” guess, and I will be saving over $2000 a year! So don’t ever think you can’t afford to get your starter kit!

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