The Compatibility King: V2 Cigs launches V2 Universal Adapters

Filed in Promotions by on August 3, 2011

V2 Cigs Universal AdapterWhile most companies design their electronic cigarettes so you can only use them with parts and accessories from the same brand, V2 Cigs believes the choice should be yours. For that reason, we have designed V2 Universal Adapters to make V2 Cigs flavor cartridges interchangeable with more brands than any other electronic cigarette. Now you can use V2 Cigs award winning flavor cartridges with Greensmoke, South Beach Smoke, Smoke 51, Njoy brands…and many more!

We don’t believe you should be restricted to only one brand, mainly because we stand behind our products and know that the most important thing is giving you the choices you need to succeed. With V2 Universal Adapters, you can experiment with batteries from other brands. We are confident you will continue coming back to V2 Cigs for the thick vapor, amazing taste and #1 voted customer service we are known for.

V2 Universal Adapters safely and easily connects to your e-cigarette battery. Simply screw the V2 Adapter on, and then screw your V2 Cigs flavor cartridge into the adapter. V2 Universal Adapters are perfect if you already own a battery from another company and want try V2 Cigs Flavor Cartridges. For just $1.99 (on SALE) per $2 pack, it’s an affordable option to get the most out of your electronic cigarette experience.

V2 Cigs is already compatible with the following brands:

  • Vapor4life™
  • Premium™
  • White Cloud ™
  • SmokeTip™
  • Non-branded KR808D-1 kits/cartridges

Compatible Brands with the V2 Universal Adapter Type 1:

  • Greensmoke ™
  • Red Dragon ™
  • Bloog ™
  • e-cigs E-9
  • Vapures ™
  • Smoke 51 DUO ™
  • Esmoke Sensation™
  • South Beach Smoke™
  • LeCig™

Compatible Brands with the V2 Universal Adapter Type 2:

  • SmokingEverywhere Gold™
  • Njoy Npro™
  • Liberation Jr.™
  • Cloud 9™
  • Smoke 51 Trio™
  • SS Choice #7™
  • Gammuci™
  • Smoke Stik™
  • Other DSE103 threaded e-cigarette batteries.

IMPORTANT NOTE: V2 CIGS is not associated with any of the brands listed above. We offer no guarantees as to the quality or operation of these company’s products and services. V2 Universal Adapters are designed to make V2 Flavor Cartridges operational with these competing products, however as many competing brands have different voltage and electrical specifications and are not specifically designed for use with the V2 Flavor Cartridge, optimal vapor performance will always be produced by using a V2 Flavor Cartridge with a V2 battery.

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    Does the universal adapter work on blu battery…