V2 Cigs Fan of the Week: Dorinda's Story

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V2 Cigs Fan of the WeekDear V2 Cigs,

I had to write to let you know how V2 Cigs changed my life. I smoked for more than 30 years and didn’t see an end in sight. Initially I tried the patch (even smoked with it on!), then the nicotine puffers. The patch irritated my skin and didn’t take away the urge for me, and the puffers had a terrible taste and felt like air. I tried these on more than one occasion but failed each time.

I saw my first e cig at a cigarette store about a year ago. I puchased 2 sets; 1 for my husband and 1 for myself. Each kit contained 3 cartridges, 1 atomizer, and 1 battery. I was almost giddy with excitement that this might be the aid for me. My excitement quickly diminished because the taste was horrible, there was virtually no vapor, the battery only lasted a few hours, and they often leaked while inhaling. Those, too, were put to the side – along with my hope of quitting.

I developed asthma over the years but recently noticed it was getting worse. I used a prescription inhaler 3 times a day and still wheezed at night, not to mention the worsening shortness of breath with everyday activities. Determined to take my life back I decided to research the Internet in hopes of finding better e cigs. V2 Cigs was highly rated, not just because of the quality of products, but also for the most vapor. I was also pleasantly surprised by the flavors, varying strengths of nicotine, and the ability to order individual items or larger kits with everything you need to ensure you’re never left without an e cig (it’s important for a smoker to know they won’t run out). With so many options, I wasn’t surprised to learn V2 Cigs was started by ex-smokers.

I ordered the couples kit June 20th and it arrived June 24th. I smoked 4 cigarettes the day after the kit’s arrival, and 1 1/2 cigarettes the next day. By the end of the 2nd day I had to admit to myself I didn’t need cigarettes anymore. The V2 e cigs fulfilled the nicotine cravings as well as the urge to inhale and exhale smoke. I haven’t had, nor do I want, regular cigarettes since!!! Even better – I don’t use the prescription inhaler anymore and the wheezing has completely stopped!!!

Also truly amazing to me – my husband meant to use the V2 Cigs to reduce his smoking but he has since quit! I joke that he quit by accident. 🙂

I tell every smoker I encounter about V2 cigs (my husband says I’m a V2 evangilist) because they need to know they don’t have to be a slave to cigarettes anymore. If I can quit, *anyone* can quit.

Thank you, V2!

-Dorinda Kilgore

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