What was your Favorite V2 Cigs Moment?

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V2 Cigs holds a weekly Facebook Mondays Contest with fun tasks for V2 fans and a $50 account credit going to the best entry. We like to mix it up on Mondays, and this week we asked fans to post their favorite V2 Moment on the Facebook Wall. The entries were so good, we had to share them in our blog! We ranked the top 5 entries by the number of likes. Congrats to Ann Pitingolo for winning the $50 account credit!

1. My favorite V2 moment happened today. I brought in the mail and found an envelope that contained a completion certificate from the Tobacco Quit Line. I was proudly showing it off to my family when my son suddenly said “does this mean you’re certifiable?!”. Of course that comment was followed by hysterical laughter from the rest of us! Thank you V2 for making me “certifiable”!! LOL!
-Ann Pitingolo

2. My favorite moment was the look on my kids and wifes face after i opened the kit tried it and told them i was done with regular cigarettes faces glowed with joy been over a month not looking back
-Chris Mills

3. My best V2 moment was the realization that I am no longer hooked on analog cigarettes with all of the toxins they deliver. Not to mention the smile I get when I am inside smoking and other are out in the pouring down rain huddled under an umbrella to get their fix. I have been smoke free for almost 4 months and food tastes and smells fantastic.
-Cara McGowen

4. I was on a flight from Dallas to Boston and was smoking my V2. Someone saw the vapor and the red light and thought it was tobacco. The flight attendant proceeded to threaten me with a fine. I politely explained what V2 was. She then apologized to me for her knee jerk reaction and I was applauded by many of the other passengers. I then passed out my discount cards and encouraged them to give it a try! 🙂
-Mark Kaplan

5. I was puffing on my v2 when the ump of my husband’s softball game stopped the whole game to tell me I couldn’t smoke in the park if he couldn’t, I rolled my v2 around so he could see the button, he looked real hard and said never mind.
-Lacey Hulett

The biggest and best story I have to share is..The relief my sons and husband feel, knowing that I’m not putting the harsh chemicals into my body..they no longer have to worry about my health, due to smoking! This is my biggest reward for switching to v2 CIGS!! Smoke Free: 5 Months 🙂
-Dawn Fisher

My best v2 moment was getting offered a Sales job after I sold the hiring Manager (who was a smoker) on it during the interview… Gave him a card… i even got to skip the sale evaluation test that he was supposed to give me. As soon as he pulled out a pack of smopke from his pocket looking for a pen, I asked “how long have you been smoking for?” the rest just fell into place… He is now a Happy vapor 3 months without a analog…
-Rigo Tirado

My best v2CIGS moment to date is being able to say that I have not had a “Smoke” in 102 days thanks to v2CIGS. Now when the urge hits me I “Vape”! Thanks v2GIGS!
-Debbie Shanahan

Well I’ve only just gotten my v2. But the second I popped in my USB Notebook-cig I took a big drag and in my best Caterpiller voice said “whooooo are youuuuu?” and blew a few smoke rings for good measure! 🙂
-Sandy Flores

One of my (many) Favourite V2 moments was being thrown out of a pub by two doormen after being accused of smoking inside. Halfway down the street, one of the doormen comes running up, asking for me to return. I cautiously re-enter the pub, turns out a man took a chance with the landlord saying I was vaping (lucky I was!) and I was asked to explain myself. An apology and a free pint later… Let’s just say there are a few more UK V2 smokers from that day onwards.
-Scott Morgan

My favorite V2 situation actually happened while I was walking around the state fair. Haha the vapor produced when exhaling really does look thick and genuine…so as I was puffing and walking around the vapor would get in front of peoples faces…but there is no smell to the vapor so I was laughing my butt off watching people cringe as the “smoke” past by and then look extremely confused seconds later.
-Daniel McElhiney

Didn’t see that this was theV2 Monday Post… My favorite moment was entertaining at a festival…took my breaks, walked around vaping where others had to go outside the fences to smoke while watching me stroll through the booths and walkways vaping as others watched me from beyond the fence line boundaries! lol Hadn’t had a cold in over a year & I can’t remember getting hoarse from the entertaining I do at festivals/jamboree singings & ect. 🙂 Love this “Life Changing Device” and yes I did write a song about using an e-cig but gots to change some words since I am part of the V2 Experience now! Rock on! (lol gosh I sound like a young’en but am young at heart) ♥
-Mrs. Dawn Foster

My favorite V2 moments… A toss-up – it was either May when I realized I hadn’t smoked in three months and didn’t even know it or this morning when I was walking my dog for the first time and he had to lay down on the way back to rest. And I’m not even kidding. 6 months ago I wouldn’t have been able to do the walk at all, this morning I tired out the dog..
-Tracy Reinhardt

My favorite v2 moment was the moment it came in the mail.
-Josh Hess

My favorite V2 moment happened at my family reunion this past week end when I went outside a Marina restaurant we were eating at to vape and a bunch of complete strangers asked how long I had been vaping and when I told them over 100 days they all stood up on the bench and gave me a standing ovation!
-Barb Miller

What a great way to add time I can spent with my grandson. I no longer have to go outside and stop what ever we’re doing so I can smoke. A BIG plus is when I am around him, He’s not getting second hand smoke, and smelling like an ashtray. PLUS I can almost keep up with him now.
-Rusty Casteele

My husband and I were at a Wedding recently. I went outside with him to ‘smoke’, he pulls out his cigs and a lighter, I pull out my V2, pull in and blow out vapor…there’s a conversation starter! Get my nicotine fix faster than you can light a cigarette! Then I switched e-cigs and enjoyed the vaping on a zero strength filter while my hubby finished his tobacco. People are just amazed! Handed out some v2 cards that day! So far I have put in a full order of free filters because of referrals, and had a partially free subsequent order. Very nice!
-Beth Johnson

My favorite V2 moment was when I received it in the mail…the day before my 4th anniversary. I quit smoking at 6:30pm. The next day my boyfriend and I were going to a nice dinner. After dinner I sobbed a bit because I wanted a cigarette SO BAD. He told me to just stick with it and he was proud. Here I am…almost a year later, still smoke free. V2 saved me…and that whole experience just gives me a chuckle when I think about it!
-Jen Mencer

My favorite V2 moment was when I first started using V2 and my son turns to me and goes “Mommy, are those the new electronic cigarettes you told us you were getting?” I told him yes and then he tells me “Mommy, thats great because now your going to live longer and your lungs won’t be black anymore”.
-Shannon Grant

My favorite V2 cigs moment was when I saw a lot of people going out of the restraunt to smoke there cigarettes in the rain, I remained inside with my V2 smiling
-Jordan Brown

We went non-smoking at my job in Aug. and I was prepared with my V2 and all the other people who were flipping out kept hunting me down begging to barrow mine. lol 🙂
-Crystal Chapman

My favorite moments were when my doorbell rang & I opened it to discover that my v2 ultimate starter kit had arrived. I immediately opened it & plugged in my power cig & took a drag. AWESOME!!!!! I will never use anything else!
-Linda Rager-Ewald

My favorite moment so far was when our second daughter was born two weeks ago (8/8/11). I started smoking V2’s a month ago and was able to be with mom and our new daughter through the whole labor and delivery. As terrible as it is when our first daughter was born three years ago I would occasionally slip out of the hospital room to sneak a smoke. Thank you V2 from myself, my fiance, and our 2 beautiful daughters!
-Shawn Gallo

I loved going to Red Lobster of all places and getting to vape while in the company of my family and children. I always get a few funny looks but I tell the waiter what it is and no problems. Waiting on a table is always the best because I get to pull out my box and explain to the people around me what I’m doing and have even got a few converts and very interested people! Smoke free for two months now and loving my V2! Thanks again!
-Zan Holmes Smith

My favorite V2 moment was being introduced to someone simply because I was vaping. Our mutual acquaintance said that I had to meet this person to explain to them what my V2 was. She then proceeded to order one for her father and her sister… 🙂 Love my V2, smoke free for 9 weeks after 35 years… 🙂
-Linda Hawkins Moore

My favorite v2 moment.. I’ve only had mine for a few weeks and to have my daughter come into the house and say “Thanks for not smoking in the house, Mom” because we don’t want 2nd hand smoke around the kids. I love the thought of my house smelling that much better in such a short time!
-Laurie Dean Wysocki

Personally, I have many favorite v2 moments, but the one nearest and dearest to my heart…is when my 15yr old son and I realized at the same moment we could see clearly from the livingroom to the kitchen as the smoke cloud haze was gone…we never realized how much pollution my smoking was causing until I started v2…So many pluses for me…my children don’t have to be around smoke, I don’t have to freeze my butt off to smoke…and I enjoy vaping flavors better than the gross ashtray smelling cigerettes! Thank you V2 you have changed our lives and our air!
-Tana Perkins

My favorite V2 moment was the instant I opened my starter kit. After anxiously awaiting delivery,it was LOVE at first vape. I haven’t smoked a single cig since. I feel better, I smell better and I couldn’t be happier!!! ♥
-Kim Williams

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