V2 Cigs Fan of the Week: Jackie's Story

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I quit analog cigarettes March 28, 2011. I was using a nebulizer (breathing machine) daily with medication & an inhaler and had high blood pressure – 149/98.

I started using V2 Cigs (Congress & Vanilla 6 mgs) and now no longer use a nebulizer, nor inhaler and my blood pressure has dropped 29 points systolic and 28 points diastolic (120/70).

I had a checkup at my Dr.’s yesterday and he was extremely pleased with my use of V2 Cigs and the excellent medical results. He said he was very proud of me and was amazed that my lungs were so clear and I no longer had to use my nebulizer and inhaler. Plus, happy about my drop in blood pressure.

I showed him my V2 Cig. and he said good for you…keep it up!

I smoked cigarettes for 56 years and I’m not even interested in analog cigarettes any longer.

I am VERY happy with my V2 Cigs!

Praise the Lord for them!

-Jackie McKee

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