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V2 Cigs Releases Platinum E-liquid

Filed in News & Politics, Promotions by on October 27, 2011

The much anticipated arrival of V2 Platinum E-liquid is here. Four of our most popular flavors are available during this initial release In Zero (0mg), Light (6mg), Medium(12mg) and Full(18mg)  strengths , including:

  • V2 Red
  • Sahara
  • Menthol
  • Peppermint

Each bottle comes  in a childproof bottle with easy-to-use  dropper built right into the lid. Made with V2 Cigs proprietary E-liquid formula, V2 Platinum is specially formulated to our exacting standards, giving you the flavors you love in a convenient and affordable new way.

Use V2 Platinum to manually fill V2 Blank cartridges or refill your used cartridges, giving you a fresh taste every time. This means significant savings and less waste, allowing you to refill cartridges 5-20 times or more* and priced at under 40 cents per filled cartridge.

  • The 10mg bottle is $9.95 and will fill approximately  10 empty cartridges
  • The 25mg bottle is $19.95 will fill approximately 25 empty cartridges

Why use E-liquid?

  • E-liquid is ideal for people who use e-cigs frequently and go through cartridges quickly
  • E-liquid is less expensive than pre-filled cartridges and saves money
  • Ideal for people who have repeat problem with their cartridges losing “taste”
  • It gives you more control over product performance
  • It can give you more vapor, better taste and throat hit

Pre-orders for V2 Platinum  E-Liquid start October 28th and ship on or before November 15th.

Don’t forget to add the V2 Drip Tip to your order,  developed to make filling cartridges a snap.

For a more information on how to use E-Liquid, we created the  V2 E-liquid Guide, giving you step-by-step instructions, tips and answers to any questions you may have.

*depending on several factors including voltage, vaping style and type of e-juice


Comments (2)

  1. jo says:

    please v2, mix in some VG in your mix

  2. joe says:

    just got v2 platinum e liquid and wanted to know what is the pg to vg mix?