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Actress Carrie Fisher Uses Her E-cig In Front of Millions While on The Today Show

Filed in Lifestyle by on November 1, 2011

Carrie Fisher who shot to fame in the late 70’s with her role as Princess Leia in the Star Wars movies, appeared on The Today show to promote her newly published book, while using an electronic cigarette throughout the interview opposite a surprised and curious Ann Curry.

Perched on the edge of a leather stool, Fisher laughs at her unique childhood growing up as the daughter of singers and actors Eddie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds, she speaks excitedly about her days as a cultural icon, she reminisces about marriage and divorce and opens up about her experience with shock therapy, possible memory loss and an “invitation” to stay in a mental hospital.

The lively interview begins with an excited Ann Curry who tells Carrie Fisher “Good morning and you’re smoking!” The iconic actress, who is seen puffing tirelessly on her electronic cigarette throughout the interview, had been a longtime smoker before attempting to quit with the help of e-cigarettes. While the process has not been easy, Fisher does admit that “i’m using an e-cigarette which aren’t that satisfactory of a replacement, but when desperate I bite down on electric butts” in one of her Tweets.

The witty actress is one of many celebrities such as Catherine Zeta Jones and Katherine Heigl who join the e-cigarette club and like to show it. Heigl was seen speaking very highly of the devices on the David Letterman show and even brought one on set which she used during her live interview. Almost equally vocal about her e-cigarette, Carrie Fisher fervidly puffed on her e-cig throughout the 6 minute-long interview in the Today Show’s studio in front of an audience of millions.

While smoking a traditional cigarette on the set would have likely been a big No-No, it seems as though the use of e-cigarettes is seen in a positive light. Clearly, the hosts and producers of the Today Show, a show seen by millions every morning, welcomed the use of the device on their set. However, I highly doubt they would have agreed to a good ole’ pack of Marlboros, an ashtray and a tumbler of Martinis. It appears we may be turning a corner; while it is pretty obvious that cigarettes are regarded as a dirty and unattractive habit the same cannot be said about e-cigarettes.

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