V2 Cigs Fan of The Week: Wallace's Story

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We thank you, Wallace for sharing your story in the hopes of inspiring others and we are thrilled to be a part of your successful recovery -V2 Cigs

V2 you may  share this… from cancergone

Hey daddy … sorry I’m late with this … Dr. Maison said that the baseball size tumor in your lung is malignant, he is 99% sure of that. The PET scan showed some cancer cell activity in your chest in different areas. The good thing is that so far it doesn’t show up anywhere else in your body. Unfortunately, there is cancer cell activity in your lymph nodes in your chest, some around an old rib fracture and the lymph nodes in the middle of your chest.

If the cancer cells are malignant, they will not be able to remove the tumor in your lung. We will be going to see a Thoracic surgeon, so that he can biopsy the lymph nodes in your chest, if the cells are malignant, then he won’t do anything and then we go back to Dr Maison to do a biopsy on the tumor so they know what kind of cancer cells they are dealing with so they will know how to treat them with chemo and/or radiation. If the lymph nodes are benign, then they will go ahead while there in and do a lung resection, removing the tumor. We will get a call from the Thoracic surgeons office tomorrow. I guess then that dr will schedule the lymph node biopsy.

That’s kind of it all summed up. We will beat this thing … remember what you told me when Stevie died. I’m a Brazell and I will take care of things first and then fall apart later … well now it’s my turn to give you your own advice … we’re in this together!! I respect any decision that you decide to make if they can’t take the tumor out … but you have to promise me, we will talk about all options first. Love you with all my heart and I will always be here for you … love you daddy! Patricia

I am 74 years old. Smoked 3 packs a day for  50 years. Got lung cancer, had 5 weeks of pure hell in hospital to remove left upper lung lobe, started V2 Cigs 4 weeks before the operation. They worked as I have not had or wanted a cigarette since.  THANKS V2 Cigs!

-Wallace Brazell

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