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V2 Cigs Fan of the Week: Debby's Story

Filed in Our Fans by on December 14, 2011

I have always been a VERY heavy smoker, 2-3 packs a day, I always had a cigarette in my hand, ALWAYS!  Last year I finally resigned myself to the fact that I am going to be a life long smoker, it is what it is and I need to just accept it and quit beating myself up about it.  I quit quitting!  I enjoy smoking, I like the taste, the hand to mouth habit.  Some people find comfort in food, I find it in smoking.  Of course I worried about the health impact, I know I get winded doing just about anything or exerting any physical effort, but my thought process was….it’s too late now anyway!  Why quit now and go through that torture when whatever damage that is going to be done, is probably done already!?!?    It is amazing the things we tell ourselves to avoid having to put those cigarettes in the trash forever!

I am 49 year old mother and grandmother that has spent countless New Years Eve’s making the resolution that THIS YEAR I AM QUITTING SMOKING! If I had a dime for every year that came and went and every resolution that went with them, I would be a very wealthy woman today!  (not to mention the unimaginable amount of money spent on buying cigarettes for the last 36 years!)  Some of you may remember saying I am quitting when a pack costs $3, then $4, then $5, now in my area, they cost $7 for a single pack and yes I was still buying them!   I thought I got smart when they started selling the roll-your-own machines, I was saving a bit of money but if you put a price on time….I think I probably broke even!

I have tried hypnotism, acupuncture, miracle pills, patches and gum!  I tried the cold turkey way….just use your willpower!  People would ask me “Debby you are such a strong willed person, you are always in control, why can’t you just stop smoking?”   I hated that these stupid little sticks had such control over who I was, where I went, how I felt.   Every time I tried to quit and failed, I felt a little worse about myself.  When I started smoking, it was “cool”, today you are looked at as ignorant, stupid, selfish and darn right rude if you dare light up around a nonsmoker.  I can’t count how many events, activities and outings I said no to because I knew it was a nonsmoking event. How many life experiences I missed out on because I didn’t want to go without smoking for a few hours!  Even saying it out loud makes me cringe with guilt and embarrassment.

I tried an e-cigarette a few years ago when they first came out, it was interesting and a novel idea, but it really didn’t cause me to stop smoking analog cigarettes at all!  It wasn’t satisfying, there was hardly any smoke (vapor) and the taste was, to say the least, unsatisfying!

A few months ago, a friend of mine showed up at lunch with an e-cigarette and was bragging about how he quit smoking and how great this new e-cigarette was.  He went on and on and on and on about it.  I simply laughed and said, yea I tried those too…..they are a joke!   He insisted that I try his…..ok…… technology has improved quite a bit since I last tried these!   I was quite impressed with the throat hit, the flavor and the impressive amount of smoke (vapor) it created.   Well, I have given up on quitting, but this was at least worth a few minutes of my time researching online.  That few minutes quickly turned into hours and then days of reading different e-cigarette sites and reviews.

I finally made a decision!  V2 Cigs was the one for me! The many options, accessories and their site had so much more information than most others!  That coupled with the incredible reviews, I know I had found the leader in this market!  I ordered online, and had the starter kit in a matter of days.  WOW!   36 years of making excuses, 36 years of avoiding nonsmoking activities, 36 years of coughing and wheezing, all gone, all over almost instantly!   Since I received my kit, I have not had 1 full analog cigarette,  NOT even 1.   The other day a friend lit a cigarette and I asked her if I could just have one hit of it. I was curious more than anything else, to see if I would still like it.  She smokes the same brand I used to smoke.   I HATED IT!!  I am a menthol smoker, but that Newport cigarette tasted simply awful like I was smoking dirt!  I was absolutely AMAZED at how much I DIDN’T LIKE IT!!  Needless to say, she ordered V2 that night!  She couldn’t believe that I had gone without a single analog cigarette for a single day let alone weeks!  She knew if it worked for me, it would certainly work for her!  If V2 Cigs ever needs a spokesperson….I am a loyal customer for life and have not stopped talking about your amazing product since I received it, I do not see my enthusiasm waning any time soon!

How do you say thank you to a company for changing your life???  What words do you use to express the gratitude, the amazement, the relief and the pride that now exists in my life???  Thank you just seems so insignificant, so small, so ridiculous to say after the life altering experience V2 Cigs has given me!   I can now PROUDLY say I AM A NON SMOKER!    This may sound silly, but the truth is I sincerely never thought I would be able to say that!  I will be celebrating my 50th birthday as a whole new woman, smoke free, able to enjoy all of life’s experiences without hesitation and knowing that I can go anywhere without feeling guilty, edgy, out of place or uncomfortable!  Thank you V2 for giving me back my life!

Thanks will never be enough!
-Debby Hurttgam

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