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V2 Cigs Fan of the Week: Ric's Story

Filed in Our Fans by on December 31, 2011

Hello! I’m new to V2 Cigs (or any e-cig for that matter) and I just wanted to share my experience.  First, a little about me: I live in New York City where there has been a big push to make the City smoke-free.  The City has a “sin-tax” on all cigarette sales and the average price per pack is $12 – $15 per pack! Further, there are some special chemical additives to all cigarettes sold here to make them less of a fire hazard (e.g. smoking in bed).  Typically, when smoking a NY cigarette, if you are not diligently puffing away; the cigarette will go out.  Some have said the chemical additive is something one might find in a chemical-based fire extinguisher.  While I don’t know the science behind all of that, I no longer care because as of Wed, 11/16/11 — I AM SMOKE-FREE! I know, only 3-days since I got my first V2 Cigs but I ain’t going back!

Yep, I finally kicked the habit after smoking 2 packs a day for 35 years (since age 16). I suppose I have been lucky in that I have not had (as far as I know) any major health issues. Sure, I have “hacked up a lung” from time to time and I have suffered loss of breath, reduced lung capacity and the occasional chest pain — but all of that is behind me now.

I met a friend of mine for a drink at our local watering hole and he had an e-cig from another company and he let me puff away on it IN THE BAR, albeit the place was dimly lit so I wasn’t obvious.  I became intrigued and began to plan my escape from the smoke chains that have held me down for so much of my life!

When I got home I, in my very typical fashion, began to conduct hours of research on e-cigs and vaping. I read reviews (many of them biased due to some companies that operate as multi-level marketing firms) and watched hundreds of youtube videos.  Much of what I read and saw was, at first, confusing as I began to learn the terminology and mixology (e.g. atomizers, wicks, carts, eJuice, dripping, etc).  I do much of my shopping online and I have had too many bad experiences in buying the wrong product or brand before finally settling on the correct purchase; all the while chalking up the bad purchases that made up my “learning curve” as a significant financial loss. I was determined that I would not make this costly mistake again!

Long story short: Of the names that kept popping up in my research, V2 Cigs remained the highest ranked, most vapor producing, most satisfying, and least expensive approach to my life-long, heretofore unattainable goal.  And… all of this is backed-up by V2’s money-back guarantee and lifetime warranty!

I immediately ordered the Ultimate Kit and the around-the-neck lanyard. Mere words cannot express my complete satisfaction!  I finally kicked the cigarette habit!  And, I have not been an angry “bear” about it! Through my V2’s I still get my nicotine, but NO MORE Smoke, Tar, Ash, Nasty Smell, Carcinogens, Dirty Looks, or $24 a day Expense!  AND I can “vape” instead of smoking almost anywhere! I vape at Work, on the Bus or Subway, and even discreetly in Meetings.

I am now an ardent V2 Cig lover and supporter!  I have passed out many of my V2 cards to all who regard me with curiosity, but I don’t really push my Smoke4Free code as I don’t want to appear biased and self-serving.  I explain to folks that e-cigs (of any kind) are the best way to put down the cigarettes, but, if they are to undertake this journey to freedom; I advise them to skip the expensive learning curve and the potential relapse to smoking by going with the only viable, fully-backed solution:

Signed me….

“SmokeFree4Good” in New York City

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