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Share the Love this Valentine’s Day and Win a Free Gift Set!

Filed in Promotions by on January 31, 2012

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, V2 Cigs is offering one of their most popular starter kit, the Couples Kit at the discounted price of $129.95 ($10 off retail) during the V2 Share The Love promotion, running from February 1st, until February 14th.

The Couples Kit is ideal for couples, family members and friends who want to make the move to e-cigarettes together. It’s two kits in one, including 4 e-cig batteries, 20 vapor cartridges, 2 USB chargers, 2 wall adapters, and 2 user manuals.

During the 2 week long promotion, all Couples Kits ship with 1 of 6 surprise gifts for two. Gifts sets range from limited-edition mini carry-cases, V2 Soft Cases, batteries, limited edition cartridges, portable charging cases or the newly released V2 Disposable electronic cigarettes. Gift sets will be randomly chosen and you will discover your winning set when your kit is delivered.

Gift Set #1: 2 Portable Charging Cases (PCC)

Retail Value – $89.90

The V2 Portable Charging Case is the ultimate mobile device to charge your batteries on the go. Each case will charge 4 batteries on a full charge and holds 2 flavor cartridges.

Gift Set #2: 2 V2 Cigs batteries

Retail Value – $49.90

You may receive any of our 4 colors (white, black, stainless steel or metallic blue), 3 battery lengths (shorty, standard, long) or 2 styles (automatic or manual).

Gift Set #3: 2 V2 Soft Cases

Retail Value – $39.95

Designed to perfection to fit all battery lengths, the V2 Soft Case holds 3 batteries and 4 vapor cartridges. Prizes could be black, silver or midnight blue.

Gift Set #4: 2 Limited Edition Cartridge Packs

Retail Value – $17.90

What is a limited edition cartridge? These are test flavors not available on the V2 Cigs website. They come in a variety of fun new flavors and strengths. We will match up your winning cartridges to the flavors and strength preferences of your Couples Kit order. You can see a list of flavor choices in the V2 Forum.

Gift Set #5: 2 V2 Disposables

Retail Value – $16.62

These convenient disposable e-cigarettes last as long as 2 packs of the tobacco varietywithout the smoke, tar and odor. Great to keep on hand in case your rechargeable battery runs out of charge or to try for the first time, these come in menthol and tobacco flavors, light and full strength. We will choose the closest match to your Couples Kit order.

Gift Set #6: 2 Limited Edition Mini Carry Cases

Retail Value – $13.98

These handy mini cases fit one V2 electronic cigarette. Pop in your pocket or purse to protect your V2 Cig from damage. They are only available through this limited promotion. Colors include silver and black.

Don’t miss out on sharing a V2 Cigs Couples Kit this Valentine’s Day!

Order the couples Kit


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