V2 Cigs Fan of the Week: Jonathan's Story

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Dear V2,

I started smoking when I started driving. My father smoked when he drove, so it seemed like what I was supposed to be doing while in the car. As I was learning to drive, I asked my father why he smoked when he drove and he told me he smoked because it helped him stay focused and concentrate. Concentration and focus while driving? That sounded good to me. I had been working in my father’s business and saving my money for a car. When I turned 16, I purchased my first vehicle and also my first pack of cigarettes. I had stolen a few of my father’s cigarettes before, but this was the first time I owned my very own pack.

I continued smoking while driving throughout high school – never smoked anywhere but in my vehicle – and upon graduation I joined the USMC. Needless to say, there was no smoking during boot camp; however, there was no driving either, so I didn’t miss it. Once I was active, my smoking habit changed. Now I saw other Marines getting breaks where the rest of us didn’t so they could go and have a smoke. I figured I deserved a break as well, so I added “smoking on break” to my normal routine of “smoking while I drive.”

The popular brands were hard to come by since they were almost always sold out. Even if you could get your hands on a pack, people were constantly bothering you to bum a smoke. I solved that problem by smoking the unfiltered cigarettes like Lucky Strikes and Pall Mall. Not too many people bothered me any more, and I got my break.

My story so far has taken place from around 1987 until 1993. Now let’s fast forward to the end of September of 2011. I am a Senior Software Architect and I travel throughout the US and abroad for my job. I was smoking a pack to a pack and a half of cigarettes a day and had been since about 1993. I turned 40 at the beginning of the month and as a present to myself I decided to quit smoking. I knew without a doubt that I wasn’t ready to give it up – I like to smoke too much, but also knew that I couldn’t continue smoking tobacco cigarettes. Patches didn’t work. Gum tasted terrible. Then, one afternoon when walking through the mall I saw a guy standing next to a kiosk. He was talking to somebody else, and both appeared to be smoking. I knew you couldn’t smoke inside, so I was intrigued. I went over to the kiosk and found out about electronic cigarettes. I got my first vaping experience and knew instantly this was how I would be able to quit smoking.

When I got back home that night, I jumped online looking for electronic cigarettes and found V2 Cigs. When I got to the site, I saw the live customer service chat application and fired it up. I knew absolutely nothing about V2 Cigs products, or really electronic cigarettes in general, and asked all kinds of questions. I had an excellent conversation with Marisa and Jennifer. Not only were they both extremely helpful, but they seemed genuinely happy to be working for V2. My mind was made up and I ordered my starter kit.

Right after placing my order, I joined the V2 Cigs Community by signing up for the forum. I read through post after post and knew I found a great group of people. People who would gladly offer help and support when needed. What truly impressed me was that V2 employees were regular contributors to the threads. They were happily sharing their own experiences as well as trying to help resolve problems.

The day my starter kit arrived was like Christmas. I was a kid all over again. Waiting up for Santa Claus – or in this case the FedEx man – and tearing open my present as soon as I could. I must admit that as I put the cartridge on the battery and went to take my first inhalation I was a bit skeptical. Could I really do this? Give up my Marlboros for this? Well, there was only one way to find out. I told myself that I just needed to have a little patience and that only time would tell if vaping would truly free me from the chains of burning tobacco.

It has now been over two months since that day and I have not touched a tobacco cigarette. I have found a great community of people in the forums and have formed some truly remarkable relationships. I have a heightened senses of taste, of smell. I have increased stamina. When I am breathing heavily from hard exercise, I can smile because I know there is no longer any coughing or wheezing. I find myself doing things that I hadn’t thought I ever would… or even could do again. It’s almost like I’m a teenager again, except now my vehicle doesn’t smell of stale smoke.

So V2 Cigs, what I really want to say is thanks. You have given me such amazing gifts. You have given me hope that I could actually quit smoking and the faith to know that I can, with the help of your product and the community of people I have found in your forums.

Very Truly Yours,

Jonathan Bourgeois

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