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V2 Cigs Fan of the Week: Gordon's Story

Filed in Our Fans by on February 21, 2012

I am 45yrs old and have smoked 2 pks of cigs a day for 30 years. I have tried to quit smoking only once, not a good three days of my life. The reason that I only tried once is the fact that I loved smoking. Loved the flavor, the smell, everything about it. I did realize the health issues involved, but I didn’t care because everyone dies of something. I’ve always said that health freaks were going to feel stupid one day, lying a hospital bed, dying of nothing.

Well all that changed as my children got older. (Daughter 16 and Son 11) The amount of pressure they put on me was just terrible. They begged, they pleaded and the bargained. It got so bad that I just had to tell them to leave it alone, smoking was my thing, stay out of it. Well they didn’t say much after that, but the looks of concern,disapproval, and disapointment they gave me were worse than all of their words could have ever been.

I began to see that my decision to continue smoking was a very selfish thing. My smoking affected all who loved me, the kids, the wife, the best friends, the parents and siblings. But that still didn’t change the fact that I LOVED smoking cigarettes. I was like many people who thought, “Man if they could just invent a safe(er) cigarette I could have my cake and eat it too”.

Then came the day at the Sam’s Club warehouse store, while buying another carton of cigarettes, a clerk asked me if I had ever heard of  e-cigs. I had heard of them in conversations but knew absolutely nothing about them. Well being me, I went home and hit the internet and starting researching e-cigs. Boy what a stir these things have caused. During this investigation, the V2 Cigs name kept popping up. Well after about a month of reading forums, health reports, e-cig user opinions and V2 Cigs customer reviews I decided to take the plunge.

I recieved my V2 Standard Kit on Christmas Eve 2011. After our family Christmas party, I puffed on my first e-cig……Wow!!!!!! The throat hit was incredible, the vapor was wonderful, and the Sahara flavor was different but pleasing. It is now January 18th 2012, and I haven’t smoked an analog since my first hit on the V2 Cig. I have not missed nor have I craved an anolog. And now  I am certain that I will never put a real cig in mouth again. With V2 Cigs there is no need.

My entire family is just ecstatic over this. And so am I. After 30 years I no longer smoke, imagine that….. Because V2 so closely articulates the mechanics of smoking, I do not feel like I have given up any of the things that I love about smoking, I have just changed to a much safer brand. I am sure that if the first 30 years of smoking has not already killed me,  V2 Cigs has saved my life.

V2, I Thank You, and my children Thank You

The V2 Cigs Fan of the Week is our way of highlighting a few of the incredible life stories we get to hear on a daily basis, sent by both new and old V2 fans as they experience this amazing product and the family of support from the V2 community and staff. To enter, email your story + photo to: If you are chosen, you will receive some special attention via free products and samples, plus a featured spot in our blog.


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