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V2 Cigs Fan of the Week: Jane’s Story

Filed in Our Fans by on March 30, 2012

Hi, V2!

I am pretty sure that I am your biggest fan, if not your oldest.  I have almost 45 years of tar and nicotine under my belt, and I enjoyed smoking.  Notice that in past tense. Wow.  Enjoyed…  I am still in awe.

My husband and I spend a lot of time on the internet. Heck, we met on eBay!  So it’s not unusual for us to be sitting together surfing separately.  He is a superior researcher and he usually is given the task of finding the best deal on the best product at the best price.

One night in early February, I looked over at his screen and saw the v2 forum screen again (although I didn’t know what it was at the time).  I asked him why he was on that page again.  He told me that he was researching e-cigarettes and gave me some information that I didn’t absorb. But he told me he was going to try it when the sale came up on Valentine’s day.  I said, “I want to try it, too!”  He was shocked because I, having failed every quit attempt in the universe, was not one who even spoke of quitting any more.

In the back of my mind, I was planning to emulate my grandmother, who put her pack of Pall Mall Reds in the kitchen drawer on the day she turned sixty.  They stayed there until she died at the age of 101. When I asked her why she quit, she told me that it was not ladylike for a woman of her age to smoke.    (This was in 1958!)  I had no idea how I was going to quit, as everything had failed in prior attempts. Filters, patches, hypnosis, Smoke-Enders, and oh so many more. All failed.  I thought that perhaps I’d buy an RV, park in the desert far from anyone else and just tough it out.  I can get pretty ugly…

But if my husband thought this was a good idea, I knew that customer reviews, prices, products and warranties were all top notch.  I can trust his research.  So yeah, I was in!

Valentine’s Day was bigger than Christmas! We sat at the computer, waiting for midnight to roll around to the East Coast.  He ordered; then came the wait for the delivery.  Every day he would tell me where our package was. I withdrew to a passive approach – I was prepared to fail. Frankly, I was scared. As the day grew closer, I got more edgy. The box was delivered. I took it in, put it on the coffee table and glared at it. I hated it. I didn’t want to say good-bye to my cigarettes. I didn’t want to fail again.  So I chain smoked. Long hard drags.

He came home from work and got the cutter to open the box and I chain smoked some more and was generally disagreeable.  He found the menthol carts, put one on a battery and took a drag. He smiled. He passed it to me.  I took a drag. I choked. I coughed and coughed and coughed and started laughing because it was pretty much like my first ever cigarette puff!  I took a second slower hit and that was it. I knew I had found my way out of the cloud of tobacco smoke that hung in my living room.

Within the next day or two, he ordered more supplies and carts. I shanghai’d most of his supplies because he had gotten the Ultimate kit but a smaller one for me, because he was pretty sure I wouldn’t really be interested, but the toys were so cool I had to have them! The PCC really captured my fancy.

I left that pack of cigarettes on the coffee table, daring it to call me back.  My v2 always won. There really wasn’t a contest. I knew that I was done with cigarettes. After two weeks smoke free, I moved the pack of cigarettes to the mid-century modern smoking stand that is displayed at the end of my couch.

A forty year plus habit gone in ten minutes after 40 years of failed attempts.  Words cannot possibly express how simply amazing this product is for us!  We were both slaves to our habit in different ways, but slaves we were. And now we’re not.
Since we experienced our success, my niece is working with her new v2 products to quit smoking. She, too, has found it difficult to quit in the past.  Today I got a message from my step-daughter that she and her fiancé got their V2 products today (ordered on St Patrick’s day), and they are through with tar cigarettes!  Her brother is strongly leading toward the “order” button, so we just sent him a Happy Birthday gift certificate to put toward his kit because startup can be a little pricey if you don’t catch a sale day.

When we go out, everybody wants to know about our v2’s, and we are evangelizers! We don’t offer unsolicited advice, but we answer any and all questions with enthusiasm because we really and truly believe that v2 is the answer for ANYONE who wants to quit smoking but just can’t find a way, or who wants an easy way.  This. Is. It. At least half a dozen people at my husband’s job have made the switch to e-cigs, and Human Resources department has approved the use of e-cigs without offensive orders in the workplace.

So many people we know have been helped by your product. We cannot say enough good things about you and yeah, I think we are your biggest fans! I will be forever grateful to my husband for embarking on this journey. I’m pretty sure I’m his biggest fan, too!   Thank you, honey, and thank you, V2 Cigs, for a fabulous product that works!!


Jane Austin

The V2 Cigs Fan of the Week is our way of highlighting a few of the incredible life stories we get to hear on a daily basis, sent by both new and old V2 fans as they experience this amazing product and the family of support from the V2 community and staff. To enter, email your story + photo to: If you are chosen, you will receive some special attention via free products and samples, plus a featured spot in our blog.


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