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Celebrity E-Cig Vapers are Popping up Everywhere

Filed in Lifestyle by on April 5, 2012

Electronic cigarettes are popping up everywhere! From celebrity sightings, to talk shows, to primetime sitcoms. One of the stars of the upcoming movie American Reunion, Natasha Lyonne, spoke about hers on a recent appearance on OWN’s Rosie O’Donnell Show. When questioned by the talk show host, she admitted that a health scare caused her to make the switch and she hasn’t looked back.

Primetime television has also started showcasing characters with a penchant for vaping. When CBS’ Two Broke Girls accosted their new, noisy upstairs neighbor; they were greeted at the door by Jennifer Coolidge with e-cig in hand.

Dr. Milton Beauregard, a character on FOX’s Alcatraz, said of his electronic cigarette, “It may be the only thing about this century that I have found bearable.”

E-cig sightings don’t end on the small screen; a range of celebrities have been spotted puffing away as they go about their lives. Dennis Quaid was photographed with his e-cig in a Hollywood parking lot.

Ronnie Wood of the Rolling Stones has even been seen with one! With a reputation for drug and alcohol abuse which spans decades, Wood’s appreciation for electronic cigarettes is quite a testimonial for their viability as an alternative to tobacco.

As e-cigs gain the approval of Tinseltown, vapers across the United States are hoping the e-cig bug will make its way to DC in the form of positive legislation. In the meantime, however, veteran vapers are enjoying their trend-setting status while they watch their beloved electronic cigarettes get increasing exposure on the Red Carpet.

Which celeb do you think we’ll see sporting their e-cig next?

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