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V2 Cigs Fan of the Week: Dawn and Scott’s Story

Filed in Our Fans by on April 12, 2012

My boyfriend and I both smoked for 26 years. Him 2 packs of Kools a day and me 1 1/2 packs of Marlboro Light 100’s. He is 40 and at night he was wheezing like he was 80. Waking up and hacking so badly in the morning while he was steady puffing away one one. I myself 41 yrs old was starting to wheeze at night and could hardly take a deep breath anymore.
We had been picking dates to quit and next thing you know that date had come and gone. His nephew told us about the V2 Cig . He was working in the mall for one of the places. So one day he came home and just laid the starter kit in front of me and said lets quit right now and just do it.
That was December 28,2011. We quit that very second and have been going strong every since. We just made it to our 3rd month smoke free. They work amazing. We both know for a fact that there was no way we could of done it with out them. Everything about it has made it help us. We even have talked friends into trying it. We have also bought a lot of the accessories to use with it because we always wanted to be prepared . Almost like we did when we smoked. Making sure you had enough cigarettes before you went home for the night.
We are both using the V2 and so far have come down to 18mg. Hoping soon we will not need them at all. Thank you so much for coming out with this amazing product. You have literally saved our lives and given us a chance to be around for our grown children to give us Grand babies.
We were High School Sweethearts who lost each other for 23yrs only to find one another again and 3yrs and going strong hopefully we will have at least the next 50 to be together now with your help. Thank you so much V2 Cigs….You Rock!!!!

Dawn James & Scott Lewis <3

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