What's New with V2 Cigs? Find out Here!

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We have been hard at work on the New V2 Cigs for a long time now to bring better quality and service to our valued customers. In case you missed it, these are the big changes we made to V2 Cigs:

-Transparent E-Liquid testing with Live Batch Reports available to all customers

This revolutionary change is new to the e-cigarette industry and a guideline to follow when it comes to ensuring the safety of e-liquid to consumers. No other company sends a batch test report to your email address, ensuring you know what is in the e-liquid you purchase. Go to the batch report page to request yours today.

-All new Flavor Cartridge packaging to ensure long-term freshness and safety

You asked for it! Now, all flavor cartridges are individually sealed in foil protected blister packaging to prolong the life of your cartridges and protect from tampering.

-Expiration Dates on all Flavor Cartridges, Express Kits, E-Liquid and Disposables

So you know your V2 Cigs products are always fresh.

-All New Website Improves Customer Experience

Easier layout, more intuitive Starter Kit assembly, new videos, more information

-Estimated Ship times when ordering-know when a product is in stock

Our number one request from customers was to improve the way they ordered by letting them know what was in stock before they placed their order. We listened, and now you will get an estimated ship time based on the availability of each item in your order.

-New Portable Charging Case and Portable Charging Case XL

Simply the best portable charging cases, made to fit long batteries as requested by you!

-New Carry Case and Carry Case XL

Completely designed by V2 engineers to be the best carry case ever released. Sleek, slim and made to store long batteries.

-Redesigned Smart Charger and Express Charger

Charges 2x as fast, with internal chip that cycles through a battery testing process every few minutes. Ensures longer life of V2 batteries and protects against overcharging.

-New Express Kit

The lowest cost rechargeable kit we offer!

-Improved V2 Lanyards

You asked for a better design and we delivered, with a durable, longer lasting product.

-Upgrade of 1amp Car Adapter to 2amp Car Adapter

Get more power from your Power-Cig in the car, charge batteries faster!

-All new Kit packaging

High quality reusable gift boxes make for a more impressive presentation.

-Combo Deals during website orders

When you add an item to your cart, you will be presented with complimentary items at a 1-time discount to save even more!

The launch of the new V2 is only the beginning! Look for even more changes coming to V2 Cigs including the release of new E-liquid flavors, special edition flavor cartridges plus the release of Vapor Couture in the coming months! v2 Cigs is dedicated to continued improvements and innovation to serve you even better!