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Top Places to Take Your E-Cig This Memorial Day Weekend

Filed in Lifestyle by on May 23, 2012

Memorial Day:  Time to load up your car and head out on the road to celebrate the dawn of another balmy summer. For the average nonsmoker, the choices of spots to visit are truly endless. Darn them. With all of the legislation being enacted all over the nation that prohibits smoking in public places, options for smokers to hang out and smoke are growing smaller and smaller.

None of this applies to you, however, because you have your trusted V2 Cig e-cigarette; a passport to puffing up anywhere without affecting anyone around you. Why not take advantage of the freedom to vape where you please? Here are some of the best vape-friendly, local dives, hideaways and hotspots in America to see:

Tyler’s Burgers, Palm Springs, CA

This clay-colored building, sitting in the midst of a desert, used to be an old Greyhound bus station back in 1936. Now, it’s the home of Tyler’s Burgers, a vintage oasis serving up the city’s most delicious grilled meat sandwiches. Owner, Diana Diamico, uses her mother’s recipe to make the freshest patties next to actually taking a bite out of a cow. Don’t forget to order up their retro malt shake and the tangy coleslaw!  Look at you, with your pink flamingo bikini, your cat eyed shades and your V2 Cigs electric cigarette –you’re just too cool for school.

 The Foxwoods Casino, Maschantucket, CT

It’s known as the largest casino in the world, tucked away in the city of Ledyard, CT; a city that was primarily known for having the most interesting ice glacier history in America. This massive, sprawling resort and casino boasts almost five million square feet of gaming, a teen arcade and over 1,400 rooms for guests. While the resort does have a nonsmoking casino area, why not be a peacock and show off your new V2 Cig electronic cigarettes in the main area? E-cigs can make awesome conversation starters!


Redhook Brewery, Portsmouth, NH

If you’re near New Hampshire, visit the famous Redhook Brewery, the site of one of America’s oldest beermakers. Located on the grounds of the Pease Tradeport, the brewery is modeled after old-world brew houses in Bavaria. Be a proud vacationer and catch a tour of the facility to learn how they get their  hops to be so darn good.  Then, hang out at the Cataqua Pub House next door and trade stories about those Greek house keggers you used to go to in college.


These are just a few of the great, “off the beaten path” places you and your V2 Cig can go! Where will you go with your e-cig this Memorial Day Weekend?


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