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V2 Cigs Fan of the Week: Tim’s Story

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V2 Cigs Biggest FanV2, I want to tell you why I’m your biggest fan…who happens to be the youngest you may have had.

I have suffered because of smoking. Starting out when I was 18, (I’m 26 now), I actually started as a bet saying I would be able to quit. I was so against smoking growing up and didn’t understand how you can be that “addicted” to something. So I told my friends I would smoke for two weeks and then quit. Boy was I wrong. It was a nightmare trying to quit so I just stopped trying.

During the next few years my health deteriorated drastically. I was going to the ER once every 3 months for asthma attacks and severe chest pain. It wasn’t until February 2011 when they found out what was going on. I spent a total of 6 months in the hospital that year, lost a lot of money and had to go to numerous hospitals to get properly treated. I live in Chicago and went to 6 hospitals with no luck, then Mayo clinic in Minnesota and Florida, which also came back with nothing. I was ready to give up but I did some last basic testing at Loyola and that’s when things got bad.

I was diagnosed with a tumor in my chest near my heart, bronchiectasis, a fungus growing in my lung, adrenal gland insufficiency, and a blood platelet disorder. I was taking around 75 pills a day just to keep everything in check and I got severely addicted to high doses of pain medication and anti-anxiety meds. It wasn’t until October 2012 when they decided to remove the tumor, which helped out tremendously. The problem was, I was still smoking.

My doctors told me I wouldn’t see 40 if I didn’t quit. So I decided to look at other e-cigs because the previous brand I had just did not work. I found v2 Cigs 2 months ago and feel that it has literally saved my life. Within the first week I noticed my lung function improving. Even though I am still in pain from surgery and my activity is limited, I just feel like an entirely new person. I’ve turned about 10 people to v2 so far and they all feel the same way. My birthday is this Sunday (April 15th) and that will mark 60 days of no smoking. I want people to understand what smoking can do to you, even at a young age. I’ll be 27 this weekend, and I’ve missed out on so much because of health issues. I’m so happy I came across v2 when I did, because without it, I doubt I would be able to share my story. Thanks V2 Cigs!


Tim Popp



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