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Don’t Lose Another E-Cig! Check Out These Carry Cases!

Filed in News & Politics, Promotions by on June 19, 2012

What could be worse than losing your favorite V2 Cigs Flavor Cartridges? How about misplacing your V2 battery and accessories? Bummer!

The best way to keep your products safe is to stash them in your V2 Cigs Carrying Case, specifically designed to carry everything you need to keep vaping when you’re on the go.

Our V2 Metal Carry Case comes in either a compact size (small enough to either fit into your purse or pocket) or a slightly larger XL size. This ultra-cool design slides open to hold your battery and several cartridges – up to four cartridges can be stored in the compact size or six in the XL.

 Very futuristic; this gadget is worthy of James Bond, himself! It also makes a great conversation starter when you’re out for a night on the town. You can order both sizes of Carry Cases in Graphite, Stainless Steel or White.

Metal Carry Case: $24.95

Metal Carry Case XL: $29.95


Looking for something a bit more rugged? The V2 Cigs Soft Carry Case combines durability and fashion with a high-density fabric covering.

Our Soft Carry Case can accommodate any sized battery with cartridge attached and holds up to four extra carts. The reinforced zipper protects your batteries and gripping slots keep your cartridges from sliding out of the case.

There’s even a Velcro-sealed, miniature pocket inside to hold an Express Charger and a stowaway sleeve makes the perfect place to store your ID and credit cards. The Soft Carry Case comes with a swanky V2 Cigs logo embossed on a steel plate.  Convenience and elegance in one neat little package.

  • Black exterior ∙ Silver interior
  • Black exterior ∙ Red interior
  • Silver exterior ∙ Midnight blue interior
  • Midnight blue exterior ∙ Silver interior

V2 Soft Case: $29.95

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