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V2 Cigs Fan of the Week: JoAnn’s Story

Filed in Our Fans by on June 13, 2012

My name is JoAnn. I decided it was time for me to quit because I realized I was getting close to a decade of smoking, and I’m too young to be able to say that. I knew of ecigs because I saw a booth at the mall when I was doing some shopping a while back. I was curious as to what it was, so I went over and asked questions. I ended up buying some from a local company that I won’t name. At the time, I didn’t have any intentions on quitting. I was more looking into being able to not have to go outside in the freezing cold during Colorado winters. I used that ecig a little bit, but not like I was intending. I stopped using that, and went back to analog cigarettes.

A little while later, I was looking into a place to rent, and I got denied because I was a smoker. That was the only reason I was denied. I wasn’t happy. With myself, and the person who denied me. But mostly myself. Once I found another place and got settled, I was talking with one of my neighbors, who happens to also be one of my really good friends, and she told me about V2 Cigs. She bought a Couples Kit for her and her boyfriend and they quit smoking the day they got their shipment! I was inspired! Also, around the same time, my boyfriends sister quit smoking using ecigs too!

That was when I started thinking about quitting using ecigs. I got my old ecig out, and bought some more product for it. I was still using that one kind of regularly, but still smoking analogs. I tried my friends ecig from V2 Cigs, and I LOVED it, and decided I needed to switch companies. I ordered my standard starter kit that same night and anxiously awaited it’s arrival.

I’ve had a lot of health problems recently, not related to smoking analog cigarettes, and I didn’t want to cause anymore from smoking. I had to have major surgery on my ear/side of my head July of 2011 because of a problem I was born with in both my ears. My four, almost five inch scar on the right side of my head still hurts, and I was told by my doctor that it might take longer to heal because I was a smoker. I don’t want to mess anything up, so I took that to heart as well when I was thinking about quitting. I spent a lot of money to see the out of state specialist that I did, and I definitely didn’t want to ruin anything and have to spend more money on something that could have been avoided.

I’m also at that part in my life where I’ve started thinking about settling in, and start a family in the somewhat near future. I was raised with both my parents smoking, and I don’t want to raise my children around that. I would prefer to be a non smoking parent. I feel like that’s one big reason I started smoking. Because it was something I viewed as ‘normal’ because that’s what I grew up around. I guess I think that when I have my children, that will help them not start the bad habit that I did when I was so young.

It took me a while to get used to my ecig. I didn’t want to disappoint myself, so I didn’t set any standards for myself except that I wasn’t going to smoke analogs as much, and then when I got used to the ecig, I’d quit buying cigarettes. I decided to tell myself I’d ‘quit buying’ cigarettes, rather than pressuring myself and saying I was going to ‘quit smoking’ cigarettes. That worked!! I’ve been smoke free for about two months now and it’s amazing! I promote V2 like crazy because I feel like V2 saved me! Financially, medically/physically, and emotionally!

I love not being a smoker anymore! I love that I don’t smell like cigarettes, I don’t feel like I need them, and I can smell and breathe, and I feel over all more healthy! It’s motivated me to be more healthy all around!

Thank you, V2 for having amazing products that I love! Now I have three batteries, and my soft case is always close by my side!


Much Love to you, V2 Cigs!



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