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Congress and Mint Tea Platinum E-Liquid Flavors are Here!

Filed in Promotions by on July 31, 2012

We’ve added two new flavors to our popular lineup of Platinum E-liquids! Say hello to Congress and Mint Tea!

After receiving so many emails requesting additional flavors be added to our collection of e-liquids, we knew we had to deliver! It was almost impossible to choose one flavor, so we decided to release both. The demand for Mint Tea was particularly high (maybe it’s because we so successfully captured the mild, herbal taste of Chinese green tea, infused with our famous mint).

We were inspired to produce Congress as an E-liquid after so many of you requested it in the V2 Cigs Forum. Congress has the distinctive taste and fragrance of refined American tobacco. This unique flavor closely imitates brands like Parliament or Benson & Hedges.

Each V2 Cigs Platinum E-Liquid bottle contains 25 milliliters of the same unique combination of ingredients used in our cartridges. Blank cartridges require about 20 drops of e-liquid  to fill completely, so you can typically fill about 25 cartridges per bottle. Buying your e-liquids by the bottle is a great way to save money and stay well stocked with your favorite flavors.

There are many additional advantages which come with ordering V2 Cigs E-liquid. If you go through cartridges quickly, or want better performance, e-liquid may be your answer to a more satisfying experience. Our more adventuresome fans enjoy mixing e-liquid flavors to create their very own, one-of-a-kind taste combination. Platinum E-Liquids put you in the drivers’ seat in terms of how much or how little flavor you want. And did we mention you’ll save money, too?

For more great tips on e-liquid best practices and suggestions on delicious combinations, check out our E-Liquid Guide or the V2 Forum.


Comments (2)

  1. Steve Sepic says:

    Please make cola an e-liquid

  2. David says:

    Yummy! I Bought it! Love vaping tea flavours 🙂
    Gotta tell you, you guys do it right! Steve, did you find out if they’d be willing to make cola their new e-liquid? As far as i’ve seen, those who like cola mostly gravitate to the heavier flavours… try moonshine??

    David Z,