V2 Cigs Fan of the Week: Sharla’s Story

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I cannot say enough about V2 Cigs!  The best invention EVER!  I had my last cigarette April 30th and have not had one since (2 months).  I no longer stink, feel all stuffed up and out of breath any longer!  I walk around telling anyone I know who smokes about V2, let them try mine and how they need to get their own.

I now can vape wherever I choose and have no problem vaping around my neighbors and parents (where I normally would go on the other side of the yard to smoke).  When I am stressed out at work, I just go in the restroom and have a couple puffs of my V2 Cig and then back at it I go.  No wasting valuble time for smoke breaks etc.  How incredible this experience has been for me and has changed my life so much in the past 2 months.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to V2 Cigs!!!!

-Sharla Backer


The V2 Cigs Fan of the Week is our way of highlighting a few of the incredible life stories we get to hear on a daily basis, sent by both new and old V2 fans as they experience this amazing product and the family of support from the V2 community and staff. To enter, email your story + photo to: biggestfan@v2cigs.com. If you are chosen, you will receive some special attention via free products and samples, plus a featured spot in our blog.