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Electronic Cigarette Steals Primetime Spotlight in Saturday Night Live Skit

Filed in News & Politics by on August 9, 2012

Electronic cigarettes have officially earned a spot in the pop culture hall of fame. Last Saturday, an e-cig was flourished by Fred Armisen in a Saturday Night Live skit which starred guest host Daniel Craig. Not only was the e-cigarette included in the sketch, it played an active role; clinking loudly against a plate as Armisen “put it out” on a plate of foie gras. While this is certainly not the first time an electronic cigarette has made an appearance in the hands of a celebrity, SNL is widely acknowledged as the harbinger of all things pop culture, solidifying e-cigs’ status.

In The Tourist, actor Johnny Depp’s character, Alexander Pearce, first introduced much of America to e-cigarettes. The public has since seen them in TV shows like Two Broke Girls and Late Night with David Letterman. Jennifer Coolidge impressed the two main characters when she answered the door with her e-cig in Two Broke Girls; Katherine Heigl shared hers with David Letterman on Late Night. Actors like Robert Pattinson and Zac Efron, musicians like Ronnie Wood and a slew of other celebrities have been spotted and pictured in magazines sporting their electronic cigarettes.

E-cigs were featured in the gift bags at an exclusive Red Carpet event, celebrating the 64th Primetime Emmys; attendees received electronic cigarette starter kits from fan favorites V2 and sister brand, Vapor Couture. is the Web’s highest rated electronic cigarette website, according to Preferred over other brands because of its thick vapor production and satisfying flavor cartridges, V2 takes its role as an industry leader very seriously. This trend-setting brand is a model of transparency and self-regulation. Every batch of e-liquid is tested to ensure quality and consistency. This is in addition to providing customers with a downloadable list of ingredients, right on the V2 Website.

“We really enjoyed seeing an e-cig on Saturday Night Live,” said V2 Co-Founder, Dan Recio. “It’s time everyone knew about this great alternative to traditional cigarettes. “ is the #1 most visited electronic cigarette website in the United States and Internationally, as ranked by The company provides quality products and consistent innovation to its customers. V2 CIGS has distinguished itself as a leader in the industry for its ever-expanding product lines, powerful vapor production and great taste. V2 CIGS provides a smokeless alternative to conventional cigarettes at a fraction of the cost. For more information, please visit V2 website at

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