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Help Us Tell the FDA Not to Further Regulate Electronic Cigarettes!

Filed in News & Politics, Promotions by on January 14, 2013

The Future of Ecigs – Important Notice to Customers:

The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) is about to regulate electronic cigarettes and we need your help.

The FDA announced it will regulate electronic cigarettes under the Tobacco Control Act. See announcement here.

This added regulation could have a negative impact on the availability, accessibility and cost of V2 Cigs and other e-cig brands’ products.

But you can make sure that your opinion is heard!

If V2 Cigs electronic cigarettes have made a positive difference in your life, please share your story with the FDA. Ask them not to implement additional regulations which would limit your ability to obtain V2 Cigs.

Read the notice of public hearing on the FDA website. You can click on the blue Comment Now button in the upper right corner of the FDA’s site to submit your comments through Wednesday, January 16, 2013.

Your opinion matters! This is your chance to make a difference for the entire electronic cigarette industry. Visit the FDA Website today and encourage your friends to do the same. Together, we will be heard!

Thank you for your continued support.

V2 Cigs Team


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  1. kathy dwight says:

    certainly made my voice heard !!!!!!!!!!!!! how unfair is this new crap?? they really need to stop and read all the comments on how these have helped thousands of people, me included !

  2. Ralph Edwin Pope Jr says:

    Since insisting on making regular cigarettes Fire Safe and putting carpet glue on them to make them go out, this action has caused them to be even more deadly than they already were, and making me deathly ill. Electronic Cigarettes are the only reason I’m not sick anymore. Why don’t you leave the Ecigs alone and stop making cigarette companies put known deadly chemicals on regular tobacco. You are killing more people then you’re helping. Try focusing on bath salts and other horrific drugs that you seems to care nothing about. Or is there no money in really helping people? The tobacco companies are behind trying to shut Ecigs down just so they can keep selling their “Death sticks” and keep making money. Stop being part of the problem and try being part of the solution. I have lots more to say but I’m sure you’re not interested in hearing it….. Ralph Edwin Pope Jr. 25 year smoker that has stopped because of Ecigs… Call me for more info. (602) 524-0390 if you’re really interested in helping people.

  3. Cara Hudnall says:

    E-Cigs have made a great improvement in my life. I have not had a real ciggarette in almost two years. I am down to no nicotine cartriges. Please don’t take our e-cigs. We are all adults and know that smoking tobacco cigarettes is not healthy for us but the e-cig lets you wean off slowly.

    Thank you
    Cara Hudnall

  4. Laurie Cameron says:

    These e-cigs are wonderful. I no longer smoke regular cigarettes. They are completely inoffensive to non-smoker and smoker alike, there is no issue with disposal of butts, they are cleaner. I have read that they are considerably better for your health. Why would anyone want to regulate this incredible product?

  5. Gail says:

    Since the age of 17 i have smoked off and on. I am 53 and after trying ecigs i have not gone back to smoking in 300 days. It is the first thing that has helped me and continues to do so. Why would FDA not encourage rather than discourage??? There are so many other former smokers who get the same advantages as i do and will not profit from the proposed changes so please think about us!

  6. William DiFilippis says:

    The impact that V2 cigs has made on my life is substantial! I was once a pack a day smoker for 7 years & now with the help of V2 I am no longer “smoking” the 1,000 of other chemicals that are in regular cigarettes. I can drastically see the effect that V2 has on my life & most importantly my health. I can now breath normally without panting, I have also begun to work out because my lungs feel a lot healthier. Not to mention, no nasty smell, whiter teeth, no ash & no terrible chemicals going into my lungs.

    If the FDA were to take away the e-cig market it would be quite the burden for myself & my family. PLEASE DO NOT TAKE THIS PRODUCT AWAY FROM US. It is a much better alternative to smoking, it may not be the best method to quit, but it is the method I CHOOSE. It would be unfair to take that away from all of the lives that the e-cig industry has changes for the better (not to mention the environment).

    Thank You,

  7. diane weissenberger says:

    do not regulate electronic cigaretts

  8. Randy Dean says:

    How can you regulate a NON-tabacco product under that regulation Looks like another money grab by the Feds

  9. William Soerville says:

    To whom it may concern at the FDA,

    My name is William Somerville. I am 30 years old and I am from Cleveland Ohio.

    Since the age of 25 I have been suffering from an extremely rare form of Multiple Autoimmune Disorder which includes auto immune hepatitis, pancreatitus, gastritis and ulcerative colitis.

    I have been using V2 electronic cigarettes as a part of my therapy which includes immuno-supression treatment and chemo therapy. I do not use them as a tobacco secession device. Under my doctor’s supervision, the nictotine in this product helps surpress inflamation in my body and helps me stay in remission.

    PLease do not regulate these elctronic cigarettes as a tobacco product because there is no tobacco in them and they are used for a wide variety of reasons. If access to electronic cigarettes is limited it could have deadly consequences concerning my health. V2 electronic cigarettes help improve my quality of life and my right to use them should not be impeaded in any way.

    Please do not implement additional regulations which would limit my ability to obtain V2 electronic cigarettes. My quality of life depends on it.

    William Somerville

  10. Ryan T Smith says:

    The FDA is stating the research has not been done to prove the safety of the ingredients found in personal vaping devices. The two main ingredients found are propylene glycol and USP grade glycerin. These two products are found in Nightquil, Dayquil, Musinex, Asthma attack inhaler medication, Nebulizers used by infants and fog machines breathed in by the owner and visitor. The FDA has done research and has found it to be a safe product to be ingested as well as inhaled and found in medication everywhere.

  11. Darleen Cullotta says:

    I have been a smoker for 50 years, on the third day of using v2 electronic cigarette i did not need a real cigarette for back up. I have not had a cigarette for 5 months. i am no longer hacking and coughing, no longer exposing my grandchildren to second hand smoke, my house smells better, my car smells better and i have not had broncitius in 5 months. Please do not impose regulations on electronic cigarettes. its bad enough with the all the lies the cigarette manufactures gave us about smoking ( that it would not hurt us) why not impose all the taxes and regulations on them. I am 65 years old and have adopted my two disabled grandchildren, i feel v2 electronic cigarettes has given me more years so I might raise them.
    i can’t get life insurance because i have COPD. please do not impose any more regulations.
    Darleen Cullotta

  12. Lori M says:

    sent my response:

    I have been a smoker since I was 16 years old and I am now 53. My entire family have been smokers and we live in an area in the South that has long been the heart of tobacco agriculture. I have never felt that I had the desire nor the will and self control to stop smoking. Frankly I enjoyed it and had no intention of quitting. I decided for the purpose of my business travels to try the electronic cigarette. That was September 3rd and I have not had a tobacco cigarette since. I have been very active in encouraging all of my family and circle of friends to quit. To date approximately 50% of them have quit smoking and are using the electronic cigarette instead. I ask you to please refrain from cumbersome regulation that would infact mpede the good that is being achieved with this alternative to the harmful habit of smoking tobacco. This method really works and if I can do it – anyone can.

  13. charles dickey says:

    I was a heavy smoker for over 40 years, since my ecigs
    purchase this febuary I no longer smoke any tobacco products, none…nada
    I no longer hack and breath better…
    FDA…leave us alone

  14. debbie stewart says:

    These e cigs has helped my husband tremendously. they are not tobacco. you cant buy these if you are a minor. they do not need regulated. He has copd from cigarettes abd asbestosis. thank you

  15. Sandra Greisen says:

    Dear FDA…PLEASE leave the electronic cigarette industry ALONE! I was a 2 pack per day smoker and since switching over to the electronic cigarettes, I have not touched a real cigarette! The electronic cigarettes are by FAR a healthier alternative to the real cigarette. I have done alot of research on this matter and have found that the electronic cigarettes cause no harm to others (second-hand smoke) won’t put tar and other lethal chemicals in my lungs. And won’t start a fire that could cost millions of dollars. Please do not add and additional regulations to the electronic cigarette industry. I am very proud that I was able to lay the real (nasty smelling) things down. Have no desire for them at all!

  16. Phyllis Massey says:

    I was a smoker for 40 years. My husband was on a vent in 2008 & was able to quit. I was not & was smoking more & more. I switched to e-cigs July 2011 cold turkey. I smoked a low nicotine cartridge. It was very hard but it worked. In April of 2012 I was dianosged with breast cancer. I was able to have the tram flab reconstruction because I smoked e-cigs. I’m now nicotine free, but I still rely on my e-cigs. They are my life saver. My primary care doctor recommends them as well as The Doctors TV show. Leave the e-cigs alone please.

  17. Charles Lassalle Jr. says:

    I am a 60 year old who has smoked tobacco products since I was 14 years old. Over the years I have tried every method of smoking sessation and was always unsuccessful. I now enjoy 5 months off of tobacco. Even my physician has supported me in these efforts. Why the FDA would want to interrupt my success is beyond me. Please do not interfere with the free enterprise and allow the manufacturers of e-cigs to continue their good work. And allow me to finally be free of tobacco.

  18. Dana Mullaney says:

    I filled out the form to the FDA. I told them that this is because of the huge lobby’s from big tabacco and big pharma and that they should be ashamed of themselves for trying to put restrictions on the only product that helps smokers quit.

  19. Adam Sorhaindo says:

    My V2 e-cig has left me cigarette free for over 2 months. I haven’t felt healthier and more positive about my life since. V2 has changed my life as well as my family’s life. FDA should not try and regulate these products they are life changing. Especially when you’ve been smoking cigs since a sophomore in high school… 12 years later I am thankful!

  20. William Richlin says:

    “NO!” to Added Regulations

    Upon my Doctor’s recommendation, I switched from smoking 2-3 packs of cigarettes a day to E-Cigs about 2 years ago. About a month later, my wife has also switched. Both of us no longer use any tobacco products and have been “smoke free” since switching. Because there is no combustion with e-cigs, there is no smoke or odor. “Second-hand” smoke is no longer a concern to anyone in the vicinity.

    Basically, e-cigs should be considered in the same category as coffee, tea or Twinkies. The stated goals of the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services are well met through the use of e-cigs: (1) Total abstinence from tobacco use, (2) reductions in consumption of tobacco, and (3) reductions in the harm associated with continued tobacco use.

    Adding Federal regulations to the purchase or use of e-cigs is therefore ill-advised.

  21. John Blauner says:

    Electronic cigarrettes have been very hrelpful without any monitoring from the government. Leave it alone.

  22. brenda studebaker says:

    leve us alone

  23. Sheri Harris says:

    I have smoked for over 30 years.Thanks to v2cigs I have been smoke free for 87 days. The design of these products allow me to break free of the habit of holding a cigarette and the need for excessive nicotine. Please do not change the distribution regulations. This wonderful product that will save millions of lives may become inexcessable to many of these people.

  24. KLSmith says:

    The FDA website form requires that an “organization” be listed in order to submit your comment. I entered
    This is the industry group V2’s email linked to. Another place on the form allows you to enter “individual consumer”. A notification will pop up if your comment was entered successfully.

  25. fred riddle says:

    hey fda leave e cigs alone they are not tobbaco and we dont need your meddling in our affairs

  26. Susan L Bowser says:

    I had been a smoker for 35 years and have not smoked April 2011, thanks to V2 ecigs. My house and car smell great. I feel so much better and my family is so proud of the fact that a die-hard smoker like me can stop that quick and not look back. Please leave the ecig community alone . I had tried all processes and plans,patch,pills that there was. V2 did it for me and millions of others like me.

  27. Debra Schoonbaert says:

    They should be sent all of the testimonials on your website. I think this product may save my life. The very first thing I have ever used that keeps me off of cigarettes. If they want to get ride of something, get rid of cigarettes!

  28. Don Mclerran says:

    We smokers have lost all our rights and now you want to tell us we can’t even blow water vapor. What’s next? Don’t you have other things that need your attention more than people blowing water vapor and trying to quit smoking tobacco. Since I starting using V2 cigs I don’t cough and gag all day and now you want to force me back to real cigs. Why don’t you leave us alone???

  29. Rosemary Cotellese says:

    Electronic cigarettes are a safe, clean alternative to smoking for people who have difficulty quitting. With all of the restrictions on smokers in public as well as private areas, I would think that this clean unobtrusive alternative would be welcome .This would also show smokers that they also have a say in their own choices of lifestyle instead of feeling secluded and that they are second class citizens. The government should remember how much revenue is generated by the tax levied on the sale of nicotine products.

  30. Buzzy says:

    Seriously? Really? The government doesn’t want us to smoke. Used taxes and laws about where to smoke. OK, but enough is enough.
    I’ve been trying to get my husband to stop smoking for 25 years. Electronic cigarettes are helping – please don’t have anymore regulations that will up the cost of TRYING TO QUIT!!!! Isn’t the government in enough of our business already?
    Give us a break!! PLEASE!

  31. Anthony J. Williams says:

    I had been smoking cigarettes since I was thirteen (13) years old. I am now sixty-two years old. I started using electronic cigarettes since September of 2011. I have not smoked regular cigarettes since then. The effect has been dramatic on my health. I can think more clearly and I have not craved a cigarette since then. The harmful effects of cigarettes have lessemed and I feel great. I now encourage everyony to try them to improve their health.

  32. Cyndie Parzuhoski says:

    I submitted my comment on the FDA website!

  33. Sana Mushar says:

    Dear FDA,
    You simply post a warning notice on cigarette packages yet you now want to regulate alternative options which are much safer. Hmm… this tells me one thing, you have been bought by the tobacco company and you don’t really care about the health and safety of Americans.

  34. Kristine Crissinger says:

    I have been using v2 cigs instead of regular cigarettes since November of 2011. I have been so much healthier since I started using my v2 cig. I am healthier and yet I still get my satisfaction of smoking at the same time. Many other people I know also have switched to the v2 cig from regular cigarettes and everyone I know who use the e cig are very happy with it and are much healthier. Please leave this alone so I and many others can continue on a healthy track, but still get our satisfaction of smoking. Thank you.

  35. Debbie Bare says:

    To whom it my Concern;
    I want to tell you that I had smoked for 42 years !!!! Tried everything that was out there to quit..One year ago this month(Jan.) I tried the e cigs.. in the mildest mg and I have never picked up another cig. I like that I can use my ecigs with 0mg of nic. I know its all in my head but Im not hurting myself or anyone else. I am healthier, I don’t cough, or stink of cigs anymore, my doctor is thrilled and says the ecigs are fine..I could never have stopped smoking without the ecigs..PLEASE do not put regulations on this product…it is really saving lives and less expenses to our health care system.
    Thank You for your consideration
    Debbie Bare

  36. Patricia Rogers says:

    The use of e-cigs has made a SIGNIFICANT impact on my smoking habits. Instead of 1-1.5 pack a day habit I am now down to a pack a week. It would be a detriment to the public’s & my own health for the price/regulations on ecigs to increase. It is extremely disturbing how anyone can see how the influential tobacco companies profits are the important factor in “regulating” the ecig industry. Please remember the people who elected our officials are supposed to work for US, not succumbing to monetary gains or pressure. It is in the public’s best interest to focus on the important matters such as gun regulation and getting hurricane sandy victims the support they are in dire need rather than debating the regulation of an ecig.

  37. Marguerite Price says:

    Really? Come one guys. Do you have to mess with EVERYTHING in our lives. These electronic cigarettes have made a HUGE difference for me with smoking. I have not had a REAL cigarette since I have been using them. Isn’t that a good thing? I am feeling better each day and I am not smoking around my grandkids that live we me. They are very happy that grandma is not smoking so I can live longer to take care of them.

  38. Cheston Wilkerson says:

    Dont regulate these i have quit all cigarettes and marijuana thanks to these cigarettes. If you regulate these ill start shooting up heroin so your move FDA.

  39. Carrie LeCavalier says:

    This is the comment I left on the FDA WEBSITE. Feel free to plagiarize.

    Relating to Docket ID FDA-2012-N-1148

    I am recovering from a 40 year tobacco addiction. I am recovering through the use of electronic cigarettes. It is working. Do not attempt to hinder the use of electronic cigarettes by placing restrictions on them. The nicotine levels, and length of usage times do not need to be controlled by the FDA, or any other governmental agency.

    In a word, leave us alone. We do not need the federal government regulating electronic cigarettes. Take our tax payer money and do something about regulating all the speculators and the criminals on Wall Street. Yeah, yeah I know……. That’s a different branch of the government. Whatever.

    It is unconscionable that the federal government would consider regulating the ONLY method that helps smokers stay smoke free while allowing tobacco to remain legal. We are not stupid. We know the federal government is only interested in “regulating” the electronic cigarette industry so it can tax the hell out of it. We all know that is why tobacco remains legal. How about a little honesty for a change?

    The federal government does not care about public health. It cares about revenue, and this is yet another opportunity for the federal government to make money under the guise of “caring” about its citizens. We know and the federal government should know that the present standards are not meeting the needs of those of us who want to quit smoking or to stay quit. Nicotine addiction is undertreated and sets us up to fail. Why should we now believe the government “cares” about us?

    The electronic cigarette method works. The government needs to keep its grubby little paws and its penchant for complicating everything from the tax code to the Medicare program (and everything in between) to the point that even it cannot find a reasonable way out of the messes it has created.

    Leave us alone.

  40. Sandra Carter says:

    Sent my comment to the FDA, sure hope this helps!!!


  41. Stephanie Carpenter says:

    Hello my name is Stephanie Carpenter. I have, within the last 2 months, switch from regular cigarettes to the electronic V2 cigarette and so have many of my friends.
    For me.. I use to only be able to run for a minute and a half at a time. Now I can run for 3 minutes at a time. I feel better. I also do a nutritional response testing every 2 weeks and the doctor says that Im doing better as well. Currently I am detoxing and have been for about 12 weeks ( under this doctors care). One of the chemicals that were in my system was cadmium- which is in regular cigarettes. As of last week that has been detoxed from my system- thanks to the e-cigarette I wont be putting this cadmium in my body.

    Please do not emplement additional regulations on these electronic cigarettes. My life is quickly changing and bettering in so many ways and thats true for my friends around me. Thank you for your time.
    Sincerely, Stephanie Carpenter

  42. Patricia Jackson says:

    I am sixty five years and had smoked for thirty years. Tried everything to stop. Found V2 electronis cigs and with their help stopped smoking for over a year.

  43. Barbara Felton says:

    This is ridiculious. You dont want any one to smoke and this is an excellent alternative. I would think there are more import things for the FDA to worry about than this.

  44. Kim Denson says:

    Electronic cigs have helped me stop smoking. Don’t add regulations to this amazing stop smoking aid that could deter current users and others from making the smart decision to stop smoking. This is crazy. I have been so happy to have quit smoking because of the v2 ecig. I can breath better and I feel overall healthier. Thank goodness for the e-cig!!

  45. Amy hobgood says:

    This is my only smoke free option. Please do not add regulations to this nictone option.

  46. Toni Zielinski says:

    I started 5/12. I used 12% strength. Now I mix 6% with zero%, 1 part each. My blood oxygen level went from 90-93% to 100%. If it’s not broke don’t fix it. No one was following me to the store to see how many tobacco products I brought, but now they want to restrict my ecigs? Doesn’t make sense. It must be fueled by GREED!

  47. Clair Thompson says:

    [Docket No. FDA-2012-N-1148]

    I am writing to tell you that I made a decision to stop smoking four weeks ago. I have tried many smoking cessation products, all with limited and temporary success.
    This time I’ve tried the electronic cigarette product and in four weeks have dropped to the minimal nicotine level. I haven’t even bought a pack of cigarettes in 3 weeks. after a few more weeks on this low level of nicotine, I feel that I will be able to drop to the zero level of nicotine.
    We all know quitting smoking is more than withdrawing from nicotine-it’s all the little rituals and “triggers”that go with it. The e-cigarette, allows me to break one “trigger” at a time. It has been the perfect solution for me; now, after 40 years of smoking, I’m finally on the path to a real and permanent solution to stop smoking. Just ask our president how difficult it is to quit smoking.
    There so many products, non-smoking related, that are bad for the public health. Allow those of us who are serious about smoking cessation to do so in the most affordable and effective way possible. Different solutions for different people; a fair and balanced approach to this very serious problem will allow for the highest level of success.
    Thank you for the opportunity to voice my opinion. Please feel free to call me at 417-XXX-XXXX if you have any questions.
    Clair Thompson

    Your Comment Tracking Number: 1jx-834j-6wre

  48. kristin Marshbanks says:

    I cannot believe the FDA wants to cut something that is helping people improve their health. I bought one for me and my daughter. She has now stopped smoking cigarettes, which contain tar and other harmful ingredients… where the E-cig does not. What is there for the FDA to regulate…the government not getting their cut of the profits. Sorry that it is healthier and much safer with no second hand smoke to harm people. It would be more harmful to regulate this and make everyone go back to smoking real cigarettes. Real easy to get cigarettes and other harmful drugs and they want to regulate E-cigs. A little twisted if you ask me. Don’t take this away from the people this is helping.

  49. Gina Stone says:

    I have been using V2 for over 2 years now. They are wonderful. I have not and do not want to even smoke regular cigs. My dad has smoked for over 50 years and now I have him using the V2. Please just let it be. I know I would go back to reg cigs if I didn’t have ecigs.

  50. Robert R. says:

    Were does the FDA get there information??Many smokers prefer to quit cold turkey, however, less than 5 percent have long term success and eventually revert back to smoking cigarettes. Research has proven using nicotine replacement therapy is the most effective way to quit smoking. Recent studies have found electronic cigarettes have a distinct and unique advantage than other forms of therapy. E- Cigarettes allow individuals to utilize the device to successfully subsidize their habit because they simultaneously address nicotine withdrawal, psychological factors and behavioral cues serving which eventually would lead to smoking abstinence. Findings show most individuals who have used electronic cigarettes, reduced the number of tobacco cigarettes they smoked suggesting electronic cigarettes may be potentially important tool for harm reduction, especially among smokers who have found other forms of nicotine replacement therapy ineffective.

  51. Lynn Hotz says:

    I don’t understand how it can be regulated under the tobacco act! I can even “smoke” nicotine free with the e-cig, I can’t with an analog. If you want to regulate something go after the fast food companies. Tax a Big Mac or hey a nickle per Starbucks coffee and the national deficit would be taken care of. Leave us e-smokers alone!!

  52. Helen Lane says:

    I am 68 years old and have tried to stop smoking but never won that battle until i used v2cig now i have been quit for 9 months and only use electronic cig a couple of times a week.when something this good works it needs to be left along except for getting more people to try so they can finally give up habit of smokong.

  53. carrie sacco says:

    You’ve got to be kidding!!! I quit smoking going the V2 way and I feel alot better. Isn’t this what they wanted people to do is quit? Don’t they have better things to worry about? Why don’t they worry about the real problem with Americans. What country is it that I’m living in?

  54. Alicia Moore says:

    To Whom it May Concern with the FDA:

    I was a smoker from the age of 13 until the age of 48. That was 35 years. I had chronic bronchitis, several bouts of pneumonia, and asthma. I had tried every other smoking cessation product, but they all failed. My pulmonologist had done a CT scan of my lungs and they were so bad, he wanted to do a broncosopy. I had just started V2 and I told him to let me try them for 1 month and then repeat the CT scan. He was so amazed at the results. My lungs were completely clear. I have no more wheezing or coughing and I can finally breathe. My oxygen level went from 90% to 100% and I can’t even describe how much better I feel. My doctors have told me that I can use the electronic cigs all I want to because I am no longer sick. I don’t even have symptoms of asthma anymore. I am off all the medications I had to take because I was sick. The tobacco companies got me addicted to nicotine and kept me sick for many years. Now on my own, I have found a replacement and I am doing so great!!!! If you need to see my medical records, I would be glad to share them with you. Why would you change something that is doing something good for a change. My father died from lung cancer that could have been prevented if he had the option to smoke ecigs. Please do not add regulations to this product!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. Colleen Martin says:

    Here’s my response to the FDA – long, but I meant EVERY word!

    I was a smoker from the age of 16 until 50. Any and all current nictoine replacement/therapies to help me quit smoking over the years have FAILED. Then I decided to try smoking Electronic Cigarettes. I have been SMOKE FREE since the first day of using them. I have been able to reduce my intake of nicotine over this course of time. I have spoken with both a cardiologist who performed a CT angiogram on me as well as my family physician, who both say I am making a wise and safe choice. The tobacco industry adds thousands of chemicals to make cigarettes almost impossible to give up. With my electronic cigarettes, which are NO different than a nicotine patch or gum, I have succeeded in breaking a 34 year habit. To even consider the use of electronic cigarettes as akin to smoking tobacco cigarettes is both foolish and dangerous.

    I feel better, I know I am making a better choice for my health and longevity, and as my CARDIOLOGIST said…it’s not the nicotine that will kill you, it’s the 4000+ chemicals including tar that will do that if you don’t give up the tobacco.

    Don’t let BIG TOBACCO win this one. It is unfair and dishonest to disregard the success of Electronic Cigarettes as a tobbaco cessation method.

  56. Michael N. says:

    I started off smoking cigarettes at a young age but 4 years in I started using Electronic Cigarettes. Thanks to my purchase from V2 cigs, I was making a healthy alternative to smoking and I only Smoke zero carts now!! No more nicotine for this guy though I like knowing those nicotine carts are available if I change my mind! But no more cigarettes ever for me!

  57. BETTY HEGWOOD says:


  58. Jesse Warner says:

    NO to more regulations!

  59. Bernie Renaud says:

    If you regulate vapour cigarettes I would probably go back to smoking tobaco. Wich would put more of a burden on the health care system

  60. shokoo says:

    Since the age of 16 I have smoked and I could not quit.Now I am 52 and after trying ecigs, I have not gone back to smoking for one and half year. It is the first thing that has helped me to quit . Why would FDA not encourage rather than discourage?(Gail) FDA,Please do not do that!

  61. Lynne Descours says:

    I have recently bought an electric Cigg but as yet I have not begun to use it. I have been smoking from the age of 13 and basically I am afraid to give them up 30 years later. I know its psychological…I don’t want to put up weight and other “fears” but my mind and body is telling me to stop. I hate those manufacturers of cigarettes they knew and know what they are doing to young people with their poisons. Please FDA keep trying to create a safer alternative until the habit is broken and do not class them as real cigarettes!

  62. Joan Martin says:

    Really????? For God’s sake. The government spends boatloads of money trying to get the consumer to quit smoking because of the healthcare costs and now they want to put charges on the consumers who have quit. When does this nightmare of government wasting our money with out of control spending and then keep implementing new ways to have us pay for their mistakes. It is disgusting and wrong. When will it end?

  63. Debra Stadler says:

    I started vaping in Dec 2012 after getting out of the hospital due to some COPD attacks. I am 59 years old and have been smoking since I was 15. I was in the hospital twice that month, after getting out of the first time I started smoking right away three days later I was back in. I’d never been hospitalized for this before. I started vaping when I got out the second time. I asked my lung doctor (who is one of the best) about smoking e-cigs with nicotine. He told me it was much better than tobacco. And that many of his patients had quit tobacco completley. E-Cigs have been a life and sanity saver for me as I am also Bi-Polar and that in some instances nicotine has been shown to help, but the con out-weighed the pro due to the other chemicals in tobacco. At this time vaping is the absolute best I can do. Please, help save A life and don’t regulate.

  64. Mellie Liversedge says:

    Don’t forget about the interests of manufacturers of smoking cessation products. I’m sure they are lobbying hard against e-cigs being used as an alternative because it cuts into their profits also.

  65. DenitaBear says:

    I dont understand why FDA wants to take something that is helping people improve their health. I think FDA wants to people to go back to go back to smoking. FDA,Please do not do that!

  66. Tom Christensen says:

    To whom it concerns, I have been a pack an a half a day smoker for more than 40 years. A year ago I was diagnosed with COPD. I tried all available stop smoking products out there to no avail. Three months ago I started using v2 cigs with liquid juice. Since the 4th week I have been SMOKE FREE! I am now down to 6 ml.nicotine level after starting with 24. It is critical that the FDA pays close attention to what EX SMOKERS like myself has to say. Because e-cigs are the real deal. plain and simple this stuff works, end of story, Tom

  67. Jason says:

    Nothing has happened yet, and the little govt shutdown (lol) issue has probably thrown the eCig regulation issue into the backlog. #fingerscrossed