Say “NO!” to California Bill SB 648!

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The California legislature has proposed legislation, SB 648, which declares electronic cigarettes “a hazard to the health of the general public” and treats them like traditional cigarettes. The legislation prohibits their use in any instance where smoking is not allowed, including hospitals, railroads, the workplace, air carriers and many other places. Most alarmingly, this bill would allow landlords to prevent tenants from using ecigs in their own homes! Violators could be fined up to $500.
If you live in California and you don’t want new laws to affect the use, cost, and availability of electronic cigarettes, there is something you can do. A hearing on SB 648 is scheduled for April 17, 2013 in Sacramento . If you can, we encourage you to attend the hearing and speak out in favor of e-cigs. We will provide lunch and free bus transportation. Just send an email to with “I would like to speak in Sacramento” in the subject line. For those of you unable to participate, email Senate Health Committee Assistant, Alex Norring at to tell him that you oppose SB 648. Share your story and demand that electronic cigarettes not be regulated as a tobacco product.
You have an opportunity to speak out and keep this unfair bill from becoming law. Together, we can and will be heard!

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  1. ProgRapture says:

    Well we all know how California would tax and regulate the air that you breathe if they could get away with it. And they wonder why hundreds of thousands of people have fled the state in the past few years…

  2. Kristin Albrecht says:

    Is there nothing you won’t try to control???

  3. Marianne says:

    I’m sure the tobacco companies are the ones behind this legislation.

  4. lee trumbull says:

    This person is in bed with the tobacco sellers or is a complete idiot. e-cigs saved my life and many others like me. after 60 years of smoking I have been on e-cigs for over 2 years now and even with copd I can breath, smell, taste and get the same enjoyment I got by smoking and it is completely safe. so for the money hungry idiot that wrote this, I hope you rot in hell, you deserve it!

  5. shari vandiepen says:

    i say NO to bill sb 648 v2 electonic cigs are water vapor !!!!

    • Linda says:

      I agree! The only thing that should be considered is the fact that this is not SMOKING and we are not harming the air or anyone else–in fact, for me it was the way to stop SMOKING and start LIVING–especially since my brother died in Sept 2011 from Lung Cancer and in November of the same year I found out that I had colon cancer…the only way I could quit was using e-cigs..they literally saved my life!

  6. Pam Ogles says:

    I was a 2 pack a day smoker, until I discovered the electronic cigarettes. I can now proudly say, I DO NOT SMOKE ANYMORE ! I understand others not wanting to breath others second hand smoke, but this is totally wrong to try and ban these electronic devices! I would rather “Vape” one of these anyday, rather than inhale cigarettes that contain all the cancer causing ingredients. GIVE US THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE WHAT WE DO WITH OUR OWN HEALTH, if you ban these, many WILL CONTINUE TO SMOKE CIGARETTES !!! We should have the free choice to use these electronic cigarettes!!! Look it up,,,STATISTICS show that more and more people are kicking the habit, than ever, with these devices!!! Best thing that ever came out for us smokers, and now EX-SMOKER. !!!

  7. Cathy Thigpen says:

    WHAT ? How can they do this? E-cigs have saved my life. What are they talking about. they do not harm people. My lung doctor has approved my use of v2 cigs.

    • Linda says:

      I have to agree. Ecigs are the only way I have found to put down a twenty five plus year addiction to cigarettes. After my brother died from lung cancer and I found out I had colon cancer (Stage IV, with mets) in Nov the same year, I knew I had to quit, and Ecigs were the only thing that worked. My dr also knows and is supportive, and my family and friends are supportive as well. I don’t smoke, I vape. For me, anyway, it’s a totally different thing. I’m enjoying nicotine the same way someone enjoys a good cup of coffee–and I don’t have to worry about the negative effects from cigarette smoke and other carcinogens..

  8. Daniel Backstrom says:

    Please point me out 1 source that proves or even suggests first and/or second hand vapor (not smoke) is harmful… If these efforts are in the name of health or public safety, as a California resident, I can think of hundreds of other more pressing issues facing California citizens. Please refocus your efforts on issues that ARE Threats to public health and safety (roads, infrastructure, clean air, clean water, preventing childhood obesity, food safety, alcoholism…).

  9. Lisa M Nunes says:

    They are already band here in NJ. What if we are smoking zero Nicotine? And I been smoke fee since July 2012 AFTER trying almost every alternative. I have no desire for a cig. I sometimes vape 0 nicotine and don’t crave a cig AT ALL. I know AT LEAST 10 people who can say the same.

  10. Enjoy Ecigs says:

    This is getting ridiculous now. Why does state, federal government find the need to continuously get involved in issues that don’t pertain to them. Electronic Cigarettes have shown no second-hand harm to people and yet lawmakers still won’t leave us alone.

  11. B.M says:

    DiFi – Dianne Feinstein is all for Legalizing Marijuana however she sure wants to take away your right to smoke vapor and grab your guns! I was born & raised in California & had to leave a few years ago because socialism incredible out their, not to mention Cali is bankrupt, so I feel.they want to Classify Vapor as Cigarettes to help pay off California’s bankruptcy & dept. Never ever ever vote for a Democrat, especially DiFi in California & Harry Reid in Nevada, that goes for Mary Landrieu as well. They are all Left Wing Nazi’s!

  12. Rose says:

    Here is my letter to Alex:

    I oppose SB 648 and can’t believe your even thinking of this. It saved my life. I was a smoker and because of e-cigs I quit. It has made me healthier and I feel it was a God sent. You people in Sacramento want to always control everyone, how the eat, spend thier money etc etc. I bet you never talked to anyone who has quit. You ought to thank ecigs for saving lives because a cigarette has tobacco and 400 different dangerous chemicals not to mention carbon monoxide. When and where is your research from? I am very involved in the political process of those elected officials and I can’t for the life of me understand that you have nothing better to do than ban this. It has no odor, it effects no one second hand and it is by far safer than cigarettes. So use your time more wisely than going after those who are trying to help ex smokers like me. You have enough problems balancing our budget, so focus on whats important and stop being so petty. I will be watching you on this bill. Its ridiculous. You want more BANS really! You don’t care one bit about us tax payers,it is all about your lifestyles and how you can make it better. I am a Californian telling you my experience and if it holds no water than what I said above is true. It all about your life not those who helped people like me quit.

    Mrs Henrichsen

  13. Chris Hoffman says:

    Do they have research that says Ecigs are unhealthy?

  14. David says:

    After my NATURAL blended tobacco purchases were PROHIBITED by president obama, after many interruptions in Maryland due to the unfair taxes and regulation made it impossible to find Roll Your Own tobacco. THEN president obamas’ healthcare mandate was made clearer ( AFTER they “sign[ed] the bill the Democratic communist Nancy Pelosi jammed down our throats) that the plan would more than DOUBLE health insurance for smokers, NOW they want to FURTHER harass tobacco Users. SO, as the war on drugs continues to shake apart, the government wants to criminalize ME as they continue spending, killing, and conditioning the American people for Marshall Law implimentation as they push us toward revolt.
    They insisted on forcing us to accept the new electronic cigarettes by legislating forced nictotine withdrawal, and just to twist the knife begin relaxing marijuana laws in some states, even though tobacco once financed the Progressive expansion of the socialist agenda ! Look up the word ‘Tyranny’, and do your research. Why is our government taking away our guns to protect ourselves from criminals? Why are we allowing them to steal our rights, persue happiness, and continue killing more citizens in their phony drug war, and in undermining our freedoms? They are buying more bullets, and spending more money than they can legally justify, as they continue to push us ovr the edge.
    They criminalize American citizens, weaken immigration restrictions, and allow the lower paid migrant worker army to strain our resources by providing THEM with free healthcare, drivers licenses, housing and childcare assistance, and immunity from deportation. This is the way they do it, as these foreign invaders are only too grateful to escape their totalitarian societies for lower wages, and not respecting the free society we built. Obama didn’t build it- WE did ! After we finally shed our history of slavery, and finally leveled the playing field for all, our government needs a new generation to exploit! Welcome to [ Obama’s ]
    Amerika !

  15. lorrane french says:

    Thats insane. It doesnt smell or use fire so why ban it. Sounds like the tobacco industry is jelous and wants to limit its use like theirs have been limited. Im really sick of this tobbacco industry. Ive felt 100% better since using the e-cig. I am very angry about this. The tobacco industry is just plain evil.

    • Stefunny says:

      No doubt about that. Money-grubbing, power-hungry. Probably NONE of them smoke! I haven’t smoked for 20 years, but when midterms were around the corner 6 weeks ago, I did hours of research, and made the conscious decision to “e-puff,” and don’t have any plans to quit–ever. I have bought e-cigs for anyone I love who is willing to go tobacco-free for one week. I buy them refills; it’s an incentive to stay true. Then I wean them off when they’re convinced it’s the only way to go!

  16. Rich says:

    This is so ridiculous! But I had foreseen this coming for months.

    E-Cigs have been gaining exposure and popularity exponentially like a snow ball rolling down hill and as a 50 year veteran smoker who recently quit after only 3 weeks of smoking Electronic cigarettes, the ignorance that is shown with this completely misinformed attempt to stop this product is unprecedented, even for California.

    But let’s face it, does it surprise you? I mean, the state has mandatory laws to force manufactures of all different kinds of products to include preposterous “Hazardous material” warnings like this one, for God’s sake:

    “The state of California has determined that some of the components of this product, (a AA battery flashlight in this case), can produce cancer and should not be handled without protective gloves, goggles, and full body coverings.”

    And that’s for a double ‘A’, 2 battery, mini flashlight. God only knows how my 104 year grandfather, managed to survive all the cancerous materials that his 4-‘D-cell’ battery, flashlight produced! Oh wait, that’s right… he died in his sleep last year. Those damn batteries I bet!

    The eCig is going to wind up as another ‘black-market product’ in a few years and we’ll all be ‘second-class’ citizens like we have been with analog cigs, just watch.

    It’ll be for the same reason too! Some special interest group will slap a phony “Med Report” on TV and slander the eCig without any resistance from us.

    And that’s only because we didn’t want to stop what we were doing long enough to write a 10 minute, 250-300 word letter or donate a $5.00 bill to pay the people that would otherwise have put up some kind of worthwhile resistance in court.

    Well I had my rant, but I’m only stopping so I can go write that letter. Believe me, I got a lot more to say but I just better shut up and move on.

  17. Madiha Giglione says:

    “NO!” to California Bill SB 648. You’re hurting the economy even worse and putting companies out of business.

  18. Charles F Gerould says:

    This is an outrage. The Government has absolutely no business getting involved with e-cigarettes. They are less harming than the regular ones and should be promoted not banished.

    Shame on you Government.

    s/Charles F Gerould

  19. denise stovall says:


  20. Douglas Dixon says:

    I can and will be a powerful speaker if you could provide transportation. I live just north of Fresno California. I have left a message on your e-mail address, so check that out and get back to me. I’m ready to be HEARD! E-cigs have saved my life and I can prove it!

  21. Sandra Stoeckle says:

    I cannot go to Sacramento but am writing Norring as soon as I’m off here. Thank you for the info so that I can demand a stop to another stupid bill.

  22. patti bowles says:

    I have chronic pain and have smoked for 40 years. I had developed a chronic cough after switching to e-cigs a year ago it not only got me to quit smoking but my cough is virtually gone. My family physician who is a major non smoking advocate as well as my pain clinic doctor are both supportive. Nicotine helps with pain control and they both agreed that since e-cigs are just vapor and nicotine they were thrilled I had quit smoking and supported e-cigs. You should get the e-cig smokers to get letters or testimonials from their doctors in California (I’m in Colorado). Except for the flavored e-cigs i.e. coffee – which smells like coffee there is virtually no smell and zero smoke. My house, car and clothing no longer smell. Frankly Liquor is more powerful and offensive smelling. It’s effects hit the brain immediately and it would probably be classified as a Class 2 narcotic if developed today. 30% of all people who commit suicide had been drinking; domestic violence, auto accidents and alcohol related deaths do not seem to deter anyone. I find the smell of alcohol nauseating but people are allowed to drink practically anywhere anytime and I have to smell the stench – I do not see California banning wine. People need to get off their high (booze & marijuana) horse and quit justifying other addictive behaviors using nicotine as a scapegoat.

  23. Barbara Zaft says:

    I already use E-cigarettes like any other cigarette. People have objected to my use of them indoors. It doesn’t bother me at all to step outside to use them. So what’s the problem? I see no reason to upset people by using them in the restaurant, at the bridge club, or anywhere else.

    It never bothered me to be restricted when I used regular
    cigarettes to step outside or not use them in public places. Why should it bother me to keep following those same guidelines? If I were renting, and any landlord tried to stop me from using them on my premises, then I would fight. But, otherwise, I have no problem handling just like cigarettes.

  24. Jennifer Zaft says:

    I sent Alex Norring the following:

    “Here we go again – I have seen ecigs save people from the misery of COPD/emphysema. My mother, in fact, had morning cough that was on the verge of turning into serious COPD and I found ecigs for her. She went from a pack and a half a day of tar cigarettes to low nicotine ecigs and just 3 real cigarettes a day.

    Her healthcare costs (Medicare-only) will be substantially lower. The “smoke” coming out of her mouth is like shower steam – absolutely NOT harmful to anyone. Heavy perfume is more destructive – can we get a state law banning that in restaurants and offices?

    Nicotine shouldn’t be an issue either – it’s like caffeine. But it’s obvious to everyone who owns the legislature and it is certainly NOT for the good of the people.

    You want people to get COPD and lung cancer? Have you been around ecigs and seen the shower steam that comes out of people’s mouths? What is up with this SB 648?”

  25. Matt Weyuker says:

    How can I get involved?

  26. Jeff Yost says:

    Dear Mr. Norring,

    I am writing to express my opposition to SB 648.

    With all due respect sir, what is WRONG with you people? Along comes a product that helps people drastically decrease or stop entirely an unhealthy behavior (that state and federal governments have spent billions of dollars telling us we should stop) and politicians want to regulate and tax into oblivion.

    Classifying and attempting to limit the use of electronic cigarettes the same as tobacco products is not only scientifically incorrect it is incredibly defeating to the millions of people like myself who are much healthier now then when we smoked tobacco cigarettes from which states like California gladly collect so many millions in taxes and which have killed so many people.

    Has your committee been provided any conclusive evidence that the water vapor from an electronic cigarette is a hazard to the health of the general public? I’m guessing it has not since nicotine of itself is NOT a carcinogen and either is water vapor nor glycerine.

    By the logic in SB 648 you might as well ban fog machines at rock concerts and haunted houses (better start with Disney Land’s “Haunted Mansion” – or does Disney Corporation pay too much in taxes to make angry?) because it’s the same glycerin based vapor as that is produced by electronic cigarettes.

    I understand it is very difficult for politicians to break THEIR addiction to taxing and controlling every aspect of our lives but please consider trying to quit your harmful habit at least in this matter. Like those of us that have made the switch to electronic cigarettes, you might actually feel better.

    SB 648 itself is “a hazard to the health of the general public”. If your legislation makes tobacco products once more a more affordable and available alternative to electronic cigarettes then I would submit you will be directly responsible for the illness and death of a great many people who have found an immeasurably safer way to manage their addiction to nicotine.


    Jeffrey B. Yost

  27. Lary says:

    E-Cig is not Tobacco, just puff varpon to blow of no smelling, no butt litters, help people to quit smoke.

    • Stefunny says:

      That’s so cute, “no butt-litters,” — I love it! I never say that word out loud, but I might just have to today. Cracked me up!
      Also–no “explosions” at night on the freeway, from a cigarette thrown out of a car ahead of you! Yay!

  28. Steve Timm says:

    Since I’m not in California, I decided to write a email in protest to SB-648, and here is what I wrote to Mr. Norring:

    “Dear Mr. Norring,

    I am writing this email in regards to legislation, SB 648, which declares electronic cigarettes “a hazard to the health of the general public” and treats them like traditional cigarettes.
    I would like to inform you first of all that I was a heavy cigarette smoker for 20 years and tried to quit smoking “cancer sticks” (as I call them) many times and failed.
    It was not until e-cigarettes that I was finally able to quit smoking cancer sticks.
    I have been vaping e-cigs for 2 years now and my health is better then ever, I can breath and I can work out like I used to when I was 18.
    Thanks to e-cigarettes my brother quit as well and is doing much better now.
    I am a living testament of the fact that e-cigarettes are not hazardous to one’s health. Instead of crippling and hurting a healthy alternative to smoking, why don’t you do something useful and write a legislation to illegalize actual cigarettes? Why don’t you do the decent and right thing and commit yourself to the fight against tobacco companies, which should be shutdown and their stockholders and all who support the manufacturing and distribution of cancer sticks, which have killed, no – murdered – millions in decades, to be arrested and tried as mass murderers.
    That’s right! Real cigarettes should be illegal and tobacco companies shut down and those who run it and support them, tried as criminals.
    Unless you lie in the money purse of the evil tobacco companies, who wish nothing more then to make people sick and dying to make money of them along with the pharmatheutical companies, (after all, a sick and dying person makes more money for for them, then a healthy person) you should be supporting e-cigarettes, not work towards destroying it.
    E-cigarettes have a 65% smoking quit chance, as were other “fail” methods such as nictoine gum and patches are only in the 5 % range.
    I looked these statistics up and so can you if you don’t believe me.
    The pharmatheutical companies who manufacture these products do not care to help people get off smoking, but only to make money with small chance success alternative method product such as the patches and gum, because after all, they sleep in the same bed with the same people who manufacture tobacco products, which are designed to sicken and slowly kill people.
    A dying person with cancer going in and out of the hospital generates money for everyone, the hospitals, insurance companies, pharmatheutical companies, the tobacco industry, and they all share in the profit, it is a fact.
    So which side are you on?
    Those who consciously murder people with this system they designed and setup, who know that the e-cigarettes market is a threat to their evil industry and which could eventually destroy it ( as it should), or are you a decent human being who wishes to see progess and an increase in the well being and health of his fellow men?
    I stand against your legislation and I hope that you have a sense of conciousness and morales and that you will do the right thing.


    Steve Timm”

    Just wanted to share what I weote to support e-cigarettes.

  29. chris says:

    Land of the free??? LOL!!! Wake up people…the sad fact is we now live in a dictatorship run by righteous self appointed bureaucratic gods who have the authority to mandate anything they damn well please.

    Time for the people to rise up!

  30. Nick Otine says:

    Why don’t they worry about important stuff like illegal immigration, violent gangs, and the real issues that affect people? How about not poisoning my water with Fluoride when I get it in my toothpaste? Or did the government just arbitrarily decide that F is good for you and nicotine is bad?

    So screw Sacramento and the Democrats too. If I want nicotine, I’ll get it in the safest form and smoke it the way I choose to.

  31. susan mcguire says:


    This bill is wrong, for thousands..millions of reasons, and I am one of them.

    I gave up smoking “conventional” cigarettes after discovering the vaping alternative.

    I was 2 packs a day for about 25 years, now down to 0 nicotine cartridges.

    If you are not a smoker this may not mean much to you, for me & my family it’s huge.

    Sir , what happens in CA almost always hits PA eventually.

    Please think.

  32. Mindy Whittaker says:

    Re: SB 648 – Are you nuts?! Why in the world would you do such a thing? Obviously, you are working for and most likely getting rich in some fashion from the tobacco companies. That is the only reason you could possibly have for this ridiculous bill. The only other explanation would be that you want smokers to continue to DIE and their loved ones to mourn for them! Do you really have this kind of time to waste? Given the current status on California, I can imagine so many ways you could benefit this state by spending your taxpayer-paid time working on something worthwhile and productive! Remember, if you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem!! I can tell you as a woman who was born with bad lungs and is a wife to a smoker, these e-cigs are a lifesaver for me and my husband!! How dare you play God with our lives! Is there a mirror in your office? If so, I suggest you try looking into it several times each day to see if you can stand yourself! If not, I suggest you get one! California deserves better than the likes of you. Shame! Shame! Shame!!

  33. Camila Fogerty says:

    Fireplaces are known to be inefficient ways of heating a home. Some rate fireplaces as being -15% efficient as they suck more heat out than they create. They can create a convection current that can pull heated air out of the room and up the chimney, causing your regular furnace to work harder. Fireplaces also generate a lot of air pollution.

  34. Penni says:

    Chris is totally right. Americans blindly sit by and let our rights disappear one by one hundred yet still think they deserve all the freedoms the “old” America had. It is time to make a difference, we can make changes one person at a time but not if we remain silent. My husband and I are vocal advocates for rights being taken away from us that are important to us. Attend your local community meetings and townhall events and GET INVOLVED!

  35. Luthien says:

    Everyone here is absolutely right. The govt again stepping in to control the masses and bleed them for every penny they can get.

    “If something is lucrative, the government will take control of it.”

    Frankly at this point it’s something we can control. We can choose who to buy thru and where to buy from. They can try to tax but there’s always a way around that. Fck them. I’d say everyone just e-mail that Senator ( and just send a copy of all of these posts.

  36. Kim says:

    Hi! I actually found this site because I was at a local out door shopping mall called “The Irvine Spectrum” that used to allow the smoking of actual cigarettes and now has also “banned” vape smoking on the premises?!? I am absolutely dumbfounded at how ignorant people are. It’s freaking water vapor as in vegetable oil and glycerine. You are pretty much a walking piece of crap if you puff on an actual cigarette in public…so we all change to vape and are now being shunned again? For goodness sakes leave is alone and let us smoke our damn WATER VAPOR! Writing Mr. Norrin after I post this. I think it’s ridiculous it’s not a cigarette and causes no more health risks breathing the exhale of my water vapor hit than driving through LA for an hour! Shame on the gov. as always! Pathetic, controlling and money hungry.

  37. says:

    And no tobacco product may be sold in a vending machine, at least not in California. I bought a pack of Nicorette® gum to use as a prop in my presentation, if necessary. There s a big red warning label on the back that says, among other things, Not for sale in vending machines or from any source where proof of age cannot be verified. There is absolutely no need to define something as a cigarette in order to keep it out of vending machines.