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UK Study Results Point to E-Cigs’ Potential Use as Smoking Cessation Device

Filed in News & Politics by on April 9, 2013

A recent study, performed in the UK and published in Addiction magazine, supports what anecdotal evidence has been claiming for years; namely, the effectiveness of electronic cigarettes when used as smoking cessation devices. The study, titled “Vaping Profiles and Preferences”, examined a pool of ex-smokers who still indulged occasionally and were looking for a viable alternative. These sometime-smokers were given e-cigarettes for the first time and then studied to document the impact e-cigs had on their tobacco consumption.

Not surprisingly to anyone familiar with electronic cigarettes, the study determined that roughly three-fourths of those who participated were able to give up tobacco completely. An additional 14% reported a dramatic decrease in the number of cigarettes they consumed. Despite utilizing an admittedly small share of the smoking population, success rates this high warrant notice and further investigation.

Professor of Community Health Sciences, Dr. Michael Siegel, was quoted in an article by, “[The study] destroys the main argument of the anti-smoking groups – like the American Legacy Foundation and Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights – which continue to oppose electronic cigarettes.”

Despite Big Tobacco and the Pharmacology Industry’s continued efforts to misrepresent and undermine the potential of electronic cigarettes, studies like “Vaping Profiles and Preferences” give valuable traction to the e-cig movement. These types of studies foretell the possibility of e-cigs making a positive impact on the public health arena and give light to a brighter future for effective tobacco harm reduction.

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