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What Can You Do to Improve the Reputation of the Electronic Cigarette Industry?

Filed in News & Politics by on July 8, 2013

no smoking 5 x 7These days, the popularity of electronic cigarettes has become a phenomenon, impossible to ignore. It’s no longer surprising to notice someone puffing on an e-cig while going about their day. So, why does this industry still have such a bad reputation within certain communities? Is there anything we, as e-cig fans, can do to improve the industry’s reputation? Here at V2, we think so!

What can we do to help the public understand that we are normal people who enjoy our electronic cigarettes and are trying to do so without negatively impacting those around us? It starts with behavior… You can’t change someone else, but you CAN change yourself!

Here are some tips…

1. Be sensitive and open to others’ opinions. While you may know the “facts”, someone with little exposure to ecigs may be skeptical. Don’t instigate an argument – after all, you catch more flies with honey than vinegar! Take advantage of the opportunity to educate them and answer any questions they have.
2. If you’re going to vape in a non-smoking area, don’t make a scene. Calling undue attention to your e-cig is like putting a sign on your forehead that says “I don’t care about the rules.” Even though an e-cig is completely different than an analog (traditional cigarette), exhibiting a flagrant disregard for non-smoking restrictions reflects badly on e-cig fans all over. Rebelling will only further the non-vapers’ thoughts that electronic cigarettes shouldn’t be allowed!
3. Enjoy your e-cig discreetly if you’re in a public location, especially around children. Many parents shun anything that looks like smoking.

These tips won’t completely clear the air when it comes to the reputation of electronic cigarettes and their fans. But if we work together as a community, we can have a positive impact on the perception of e-cig products by the mainstream public.

Be practical about where and how you enjoy your e-cig! This will not only help the industry’s reputation as a whole; it will also earn you the respect you deserve. Working together, we can make the vision of universally accepted ecigs, a reality!

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