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What Makes V2 Rise Above the Rest?

Filed in Promotions by on July 18, 2013

With the mounting influx of available information about e cigarettes, V2 Cigs is now focusing on what makes our company the best in the industry, and how we can continuously improve!  Since being founded in 2009, V2 Cigs has become the top-rated online retailer of e-cigs – and we have no plans to slow down.  With sister brand, Vapor Couture, and a recent partnership with National Tobacco Company (NTC), we constantly strive to raise the bar for standards in the ever-growing e-cig industry.

V2 RocksHere’s what makes V2 rise above the rest…

1.  Transparency:  A downloadable list of ingredients contained in V2 Cigs flavor cartridges is available on the website, so you can know exactly what is (and isn’t!) in your E-liquid.
2.  Active Forum:  V2 is not just an electronic cigarette company; we are also a supportive community.
3.  Unparalleled Customer Service:  Since V2’s inception, we have had one of the most knowledgeable and courteous Customer Service departments in the industry.  Open seven days a week, the V2 Cigs customer service staff are well-versed in everything V2 and ready to help you!
4.  Innovation:   V2 Cigs consistently strives to improve our products based on customer feedback, as well as our own experiences.  All products are designed by V2 engineers in Florida and California, and produced in Certified V2 assembly plants.
5.  Quality Control:  All V2 Cigs electrical products and flavor cartridges are tested daily by V2 engineers at both our quality control center in Miami Florida, and onsite at all international factories.  Some things we test for include cartomizer impedance, cartomizer weight, temperature, and puff consistency to ensure industry leading vapor production.
6.  Batch Testing:  Each flavor cartridge and bottle of E-liquid comes labeled with a batch number and expiration date so that you can go to the V2 website and view test results specific to your E-liquid products!
7.  Limited Lifetime Warranty:  The V2 Cigs Limited Lifetime Warranty applies to all electrical components (no carts!) for the life of the product.  Up to five replacements can be made for defective products.

V2 Cigs is committed to producing the highest quality vapor products, maintaining excellent customer service, and continuing to grow within the ecig industry.  Our product innovation and quality control are unparalleled.  V2 Cigs is a brand you can trust.  Try V2 today, and see for yourself!


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