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Developments in the E-Cigarette Industry

Filed in News & Politics by on August 28, 2013

V2_Beginners_Starter_Kit_V2_Red_1.8_V2_Cigs__60250_zoomThe e-cigarette is relatively new to the US market, having been sold commercially for less than ten years. Quickly growing in popularity, the e-cigarette is emerging as a trendy new convenience. But will the “trendiness” wear away, causing ecigs to become mainstream products? Economists predict continued growth in sales of electronic cigarettes and accessories, as well as supplemental products like cartridges and e-liquids. Investment banking firm, Goldman Sachs, has been quoted saying, “We believe e-cigs have the potential to alter the status quo of the US tobacco market and accelerate the volume decline of traditional cigarettes. We estimate that e-cigs could account for more than 10% of total tobacco industry volume and 15% of the total profit pool by 2020.” We like the sound of that!

Product innovation is a constant within the e-cigarette industry. With top-notch quality control, V2 Cigs is proud to be the frontrunner in terms of ingenuity, value and new technological advancements. We even perform batch testing on all of our e-liquid products, including flavor cartridges. You can download your batch report from quickly and easily! Just locate the batch number on your product, type it into the batch number field on the page, and you’ll receive an email containing your specific safety report.

V2_400_Puff_Disposable_E_Cig_10-Pack_V2_Menthol_V2_Cigs__59850_zoomPortability is a key component when it comes to the convenience factor of ecigs. Electronic cigarettes have made great strides toward becoming more transportable, lighter in weight and more compact. Thanks to cutting edge research and design at V2 Cigs, you now have the ability to effortlessly transport your electric cigarettes, flavor cartridges and chargers. Disposable ecigarettes are also very popular. The redesigned V2 Disposables boast a softer mouthpiece, two satisfying flavors, and are available in five or ten pack options, with two choices of nicotine strength.

Have you ever thought about filling your own flavor cartridges? EX Blanks refillable cartridges are a relatively new addition to the V2 electric cigarette family. These refillable cartridges have screw-on caps for leak proof portability. They are also clear so you can gauge how much e-liquid is in them. Not only that, but their sleek new design and more efficient e-liquid use make this innovative product a real winner amongst V2 fans!

mintteaeliquidE-liquids have come a long way over the years. Sometimes called “e-juice,” e-liquid is a critical component of the e-cigarette. When ecigs were first introduced, the e-liquid options were few. However, with technological advancements and a lot of ingenuity, have come a variety of nicotine strengths, an assortment of appealing flavors and food-grade ingredients.

Check out all the new products available to you at Enjoy a range of shipping options across the US and throughout the world. And with our rock-solid warranty, you have nothing to lose! Try V2 Cigs now to find out what the buzz is about and why we have over 1 million happy and repeat customers.


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