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E Cigarettes Take Over!

Filed in News & Politics by on August 20, 2013

vapers everywhereIn recent years, e cigarettes have been quietly captivating the tobacco market. These new gadgets are only somewhat regulated, and certain places are more lenient than others. While some cities and states have made moves to ban them, most legislators are realizing the many benefits of electric cigarettes. With so many people making the switch away from traditional cigarettes, people are getting used to seeing e cigs around.

Most cities and states currently allow the sale of e cigarettes, although some states like New Jersey, New York, California, Maryland, and New Hampshire have (rightfully!) banned the sale of ecigs to minors. V2 Cigs agrees that they shouldn’t be available to anyone under the age of 18. For many people, including law makers, it’s the smoke and tobacco of traditional smoking products that cause the problem. The issue at hand is not really with electronic cigarettes, but with who should have access to them.

Even celebrities have embraced the electronic cigarette. Take a look at a magazine stand or check out some current talk shows and you’re sure to see Hollywood hipsters being snapped or filmed enjoying their e cigarettes. The booming trend continues to sweep the nation as more and more well-known figures champion the e cig.

standard-kit-panel_ver2The internet is a great place to purchase your V2 electric cigarettes. With no hassles and plenty of options, V2 Cigs makes buying e-cigs and accessories online an easy task. Looking to purchase locally? You can find V2 Cigs at certain Hess stores, as well as various retail locations throughout the States.

Since ecigs are pleasant and discreet, many major cities have welcomed them with open arms. Even though some states have limited sales, the use of e cigs is rapidly becoming the norm. At this point in the game, it’s not unusual to witness someone enjoying an ecig instead of a regular cigarette. It may even be a relief to people in the vicinity, since electronic cigarettes don’t produce a smoky smell, ash or litter. However, it’s always best to check before vaping in any public location.

Lots of people making the switch have become huge fans of V2 Cigs electronic cigarettes. Find a number of accessories, cartridge flavors and hot deals by visiting V2 Cigs today, and get in on this new social phenomenon!

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