Manual or Automatic Batteries? The Choice is Yours!

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How do you like your V2 Cigs? When selecting vapor products, there are two types of e cig batteries to choose from – manual and automatic. But what is the difference, really? Most electronic cigarettes operate in the same way: a battery heats up flavored E-liquid and transforms the liquid into a smoke-like vapor. In general, the main difference between automatic and manual batteries is the presence of a small button.

Which battery has the button?

You guessed it! Manual batteries are equipped with a small button that activates the vapor production. Automatic auto v manualbatteries are activated by inhalation only. Fans of ecigarettes have found both types of batteries to be useful and effective, in different ways.

Ecigarettes with automatic batteries appeal to many consumers because they most closely mimic the experience of smoking a traditional cigarette. Since there is no button to press, you can just inhale and enjoy! Automatic batteries require priming in order to heat the E-liquid and achieve premium vapor production. To do this, just take several short, shallow puffs before one long inhalation. You’ll be vaping in no time!

Manual batteries are typically preferred by more experienced vapers because they provide more control and create thicker vapor. There is no need to prime a manual battery; with the press of a button, you’ll be vaping to your heart’s content! The more a manual battery is activated, the shorter the battery life.

V2 Cigs suggests you try both types of batteries in order to find the perfect match for you and your lifestyle!