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Use Your Manners! A Lesson on E-Cig Etiquette

Filed in E-Cig Lovers by on August 9, 2013

The reputation of the electronic cigarette is still not completely formed in the public’s eye. With the e cigarette being fairly new to the smoking world, this is an opportunity to educate your friends and family on the benefits and positive aspects of electric cigarettes. Once people understand the many advantages of vaping over traditional cigarettes, they too may become ecig advocates.
The public is so used to traditional cigarettes and the noxious fumes they produce that they may not initially realize that your ecig is actually quite unobtrusive. That’s where you come in. You can help to spread the word about the dissimilarities between tobacco cigarettes and e cigarettes.

How can you take part in forming the new e cigarette etiquette? Well, you can start by being conscious of others around you and explaining, if necessary, what you are doing. Begin by showing people how an e cigarette really works. Explain that the electronic device contains an e-liquid that heats up in order to produce a water vapor that simulates smoke. Since many people are not yet familiar with electronic cigarettes, educate any questioning onlookers and highlight the many benefits of e cigarettes. Describe the ease of use, the simple design, delicious flavors and how great you feel! Once people have a better understanding of how the device works and how unobtrusive it is, acceptance is sure to follow. You may even help some others make the switch to e cigarettes!

E cigarette use is allowed in most places, but on the rare occasion you find yourself somewhere you’re not sure, you may check around to see if anyone else is vaping. Even if you’re in a location where it’s completely accepted, always be polite while enjoying your V2 Cigs electronic cigarettes.


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