Empirical Evidence Supports E-Cigs

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Why don’t we skip the science for now and listen to the people? Empirical evidence may provide the e cig industry with some much-needed validation. We’re amidst the era of digital communication – consumers all over the world express themselves through the Internet, sharing details from their lives and commenting on others’. To analyze this information would provide valuable insights into the world of e-cigs. By simply observing the online behavior exhibited by fans of ecigarettes, analysts could potentially prepare a credible report demonstrating the many benefits of e-cigs.

hmmmmmThe lack of conclusive studies has left the world searching for some sort of answer to the simple question, “Are ecigarettes good or bad?” Unfortunately, that question doesn’t yet have a concrete answer, and maybe it never will. But, as advocates of e-cigs, we can still compile as much evidence as possible, through observation and communication.

shutterstock_82047469Hundreds of thousands of consumers have personally boasted the benefits of ecigarettes by sharing valid testimonials and reviews online. You can contribute to the movement by revealing your thoughts and opinions to the rest of the world. Just get on the Internet and start connecting with like-minded consumers through social media, forums, blogs and any other online communication platforms. You can also help to educate skeptical folks by (politely!) dispelling their invalid points, acknowledging their position, and then laying out the facts. Just make sure you know what you’re talking about!

While there may not yet be scientific evidence that proves ecigarettes to be “good”, there is massive empirical evidence coming directly from consumers.

Hopefully the regulatory agencies will come to their senses and start looking at all the facts, including those stemming from observation…

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