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Four Fun Things to Do on World Vaping Day

Filed in Uncategorized by on September 19, 2013

v2-world-vaping-day2Happy World Vaping Day! Today is the second annual holiday just for vapers. It’s a day to celebrate each and every success related to electronic cigarettes, from your personal accomplishments to the huge growth of the industry. Do you have any special plans for this special holiday? We want you to have the best day EVER, so here are a few ideas… Happy Vaping!

Turn Up the Music

shutterstock_38529916Blast your favorite song at full volume. Start nodding your head to the beat. Break out into your own, amazing dance moves. When the song is over, collapse your body into the nearest chair and vape on your V2 e cig.

Host a Vaping Party

Invite over all your friends and their e-cigs for a fun get-together. Exchange vaping stories, talk about your favorite flavors and batteries, and maybe even play “Spin the E-Cig” (like spin the bottle; just replace bottle with ecigarette and you’re ready to play! No cheating…)

Cook Something Delicious

If you’ve been vaping for a while, your “vaper’s tongue” has probably faded and you can really enjoy amazing flavors again! Cook your favorite meal and savor each and every bite.

shutterstock_116301946Not a Chef? Go Out to Your Favorite Restaurant

Hop in the car and treat yourself to something special. Have a seat at your favorite restaurant and ask permission to vape at the table. You can even take the chance to educate onlookers about your electronic cigarette!

No Time Today? Celebrate this weekend instead! Just make sure to enjoy yourself…

Happy Vaping Day, from V2 Cigs!

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