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Goodbye Contraband, Hello Vapor

Filed in News & Politics by on September 11, 2013

Disposable, plastic electric cigarettes are now available to correctional facilities wishing to offer their inmates this hopeful alternative to tobacco cigarettes and other contraband.

So far, the new gadgets have been quite helpful for both inmates and correctional officers.

police-parole2-e1346205211640According to one CO, “The majority of the inmates are tobacco dependent, but no tobacco is allowed inside the jail.” Allowing inmates to use ecigs will take away the stress of nicotine withdrawal, decrease contraband and second-hand smoke, and increase available funds for the correctional facilities and their officers.

V2 isn’t going to jail, but we can be happy for the industry’s success in infiltrating the system! To date, several correctional facilities throughout the country have begun offering electric cigarettes for sale to inmates. The benefits, while surprising, make a lot of sense. One facility saw a $6000 rise in revenue in a mere 6 months. Prisoners became more relaxed. The jailers saw less contraband. And, there was no more worry about second-hand smoke.

Initially, there was worry over the materials in the ecig batteries potentially being made into weapons. That issue was solved by replacing the metal components with plastic, and making all the ecigs disposable.

For inmates, each electronic cigarette costs around $12. We’re still on the fence about whether or not it’s a good idea to offer ecigs in jail. What do you think?

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