Will E Cigarettes Ever Find a Home?

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Where do you like to enjoy electronic cigarettes? Are there any locations where your ecigs are not so welcome? As it turns out, that answer depends on many things. Some locations and establishments have rules regarding the use of electronic cigarettes, while other places may not be very stringent at all.

Depending on where you live, many locations may allow you free reign to vape wherever you’d like. Also, laws regarding ecigs vary from location to location, so always be sure to check on the policies before you vape.

Your Home is Their Home…

shutterstock_91865447Of course, e cigarettes are most likely welcome in the privacy of your own home. Without the worry over second hand smoke, most vapers can discreetly enjoy their e cigarettes even if they live with other people. These unobtrusive gadgets make it possible for everyone to enjoy the atmosphere. You’ll be comfortable knowing that since there is no smoke, there’s also no damage to furniture, walls or carpeting.

A lot of people like to enjoy their e cigs in bed or while lounging around the house. Their odorless, ash-free attributes make them the perfect companion while doing chores, cooking, cleaning or just hanging out.

Where Else?
Fans of electric cigarettes have found some other favorite vaping locations like bars and restaurants. Many bars have a lenient policy, if any, toward e cigarettes. While most bars and restaurants do not allow smoking, many establishments do not mind electronic cigarettes. And, of course, cigar bars welcome smokes of any kind.

Since e-cigs are socially and environmentally friendly, they are currently welcome in most locations. Because your e-cig creates no smoke and no odor, it’s not bothersome to others around you, and therefore typically an approved device. And since electronic cigarettes are rapidly growing in popularity, more and more businesses are happy to include ecig advocates among their satisfied clientele.

As of now, most planes do not allow any type of cigarette use, including electronic cigarettes. Some smoke-free environments may not yet be comfortable with the idea of vaping in public places. States like New Jersey, Illinois, New York, California, Utah and more have restricted or banned the use of electric cigarettes in public places as well. Some restaurants and workplaces may be hesitant to allow the use of ecigs at this time. But again, it’s best to check with policies in your specific location.

Almost Anywhere…

The smoke free, ash free, odor free properties of electric cigarettes make them a welcome addition to almost any atmosphere. For the most part, electronic cigarette lovers can now indulge in vaping within their social circles, at their regular hangouts, preferred locations, and dinner parties.

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