Would you like your E-Cig Online, or In-Store?

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Since the introduction of electronic cigarettes to the marketplace, online sales have dominated over sales in store. But now things are changing and we’re giving you more purchasing options, making it easier than ever to pick up some of your favorite V2 products. You may have noticed V2 Cigs at your local Hess or another convenience store. Pretty soon, you’ll be seeing us in even more popular retail locations, thanks to our recent partnership with NTC. These are exciting times!

So, what’s in it for you?

Convenience StoreConvenience, convenience, convenience! Have you ever dropped your battery down the toilet at a restaurant? Left it on the counter at a store? Battery died at work? Gotten stuck somewhere with no e-cig, no plans to go home anytime soon, and serious cravings? So have we. Thankfully, now you can run, skip, walk or maybe even drive to the store and pick up an e cigarette to hold you over until your next online purchase.

Online ShoppingLocation, location, location! It’s great to be able to make a quick purchase at a store. But we still think having the ability to shop online at your own pace is the best way to really get started with e cigarettes. Many e-cig fans like to take the time to educate themselves, connect with other vapers and peruse all the resources at V2 Cigs. The forum is a great place to look around… If you have questions, the Customer Service department can help you over the phone or through online chat. Locations matters, and isn’t it awesome that you can sit at home and buy stuff at the same time?

We made shopping for V2 Cigs easy; the hard part will be narrowing down all the choices to find your favorites! Vape in style and enjoy the convenient purchasing options available to you online and off. Visit V2Cigs.com to find out what all of the buzz is about!

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