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All about Coffee

Filed in Lifestyle, News & Politics by on October 9, 2013

shutterstock_1107331Mmmmmm… Coffee… It’s easy to enjoy the rich and aromatic flavor of coffee in your cup, as well as in your ecig; but, did you ever wonder where this delectable bean comes from, or what else you could do with it? Let’s discuss the history of coffee and its various uses.

History and Properties of Coffee

CF_thumbWhen first discovered, coffee was thought to promote vitality and was considered a “wonder drug” by many cultures. While coffee may not officially be a proven wonder drug, it has been shown to stimulate the central nervous system, increase energy and improve physical performance. The caffeine in coffee has been shown to assist in weight loss.

Because coffee contains over 30 compounds with antioxidant properties, it’s been shown to be effective for a number of health concerns. Coffee is deeply rooted in the traditions of many cultures, and it has become a beverage enjoyed by millions throughout the world.

What Else Can Coffee Do?

For many, it’s hard to imagine life without coffee. Although people love its rich aroma, robust flavor and invigorating properties, there are many non-traditional uses for the coffee bean, as well as the grounds.

shutterstock_13507459Treat Cellulite: After brewing up a pot of coffee, how about relaxing with a low-cost cellulite treatment? Caffeine is an ingredient in most of the spa versions of those fancy cellulite creams. All you need to do is mix some very fine grounds with a little coconut oil and rub it on your problem areas. Give a little scrub in a circular motion and you also have the benefits of an exfoliant.

shutterstock_47217370Absorb Odor: Since coffee is known for its aroma, you wouldn’t guess that coffee grounds are used as a deodorizer would you? They actually are odor-absorbing, so you can put some in an open container in the freezer, or dry them and make sachets to put around the house. You can also use whole beans to give the house that wonderful smell of coffee. Just place some in open bowls, either decoratively or hidden out of sight.

Gardening: Coffee grounds are great in the garden. Mixing them in compost builds bulk and adds nutrients. Mixed in mulch, they are great for keeping ants at bay.

Flavor: While there are many other uses for coffee, flavoring additives seem to be the most common and, because of its popularity, it’s no surprise that you can now enjoy the flavor of coffee in your e cig.

Get Your Coffee Fix Today

v2coffeeNowadays, you don’t have to travel very far in order to enjoy your favorite coffee beverage. But, if you’re craving the rich flavor of coffee without the caffeine buzz, where can you go? It’s now easier than ever to enjoy the aromatic qualities of your favorite beverage in the convenience of an e-cig.

To quench your thirst for tasty coffee in an electric cigarette, visit for a complete listing of products. Whether you seek something sweet, aromatic or robust, the perfect flavor is waiting for you.

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