Different Types of E-cigs

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lotsa battsThere are so many different types of e cigarettes on the market today that sometimes it’s hard to narrow down the choices. From one-piece disposables to three-piece “tanks,” the variety can be overwhelming. Which one is the best for your lifestyle?


E-cigs come in three basic types of design: three-piece, two-piece, and one-piece. The three-piece design has a separate battery, flavor cartridge and atomizer. The main benefit is having the ability to only change the parts of the device that are broken. At this time, V2 Cigs does not offer e-cigs with the three-piece design. We prefer convenience and ease of use!

Many consider the two-piece model to be the best of the three because of its quality and convenience. V2 Cigs is one of the most trusted brands out there and uses a two-piece system that mixes ease with quality. Our model consists of the flavor cartridge and the battery. When it comes to changing flavors, you just have to take off the flavor cartridge and replace it with a new one. No fuss and no muss. The two-piece system has been shown to create some of the thickest, most realistic vapor, and is much less complicated than the three-piece models. You shouldn’t need an engineering degree to know how to take care of your e cigarette; V2 Cigs’ two-piece design gives you simplicity and quality technology.

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The one-piece models are often called disposables, because once the battery or cartridge runs out, it must be discarded of. The benefit of this type is you don’t have to carry around extra components or worry about charging the battery. Disposables are perfect for those people on the go that don’t have the time to charge their e cigs or don’t want to deal with extra accessories; it’s all about ease of use.

When you decide to make the switch, you have to decide which design is the best for your lifestyle. V2 Cigs is one of the most respected names in the e cig community, and we have a proud tradition of high quality service and products. For more information, visit www.v2cigs.com.

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