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Traveling with Electronic Cigarettes? Read This…

Filed in News & Politics by on October 25, 2013

ecigs in airplane cabinSo what’s with all this controversy about flying with ecigs? The real concern isn’t with the gadgets themselves; it’s with how they are perceived. Imagine you don’t know what an electronic cigarette is, and you’re taking your firstborn across the country on an airplane. You see a plume of something that looks like smoke coming from the front of the cabin. You FREAK OUT.

It’s a valid argument. Anyone would freak out if they thought their plane was on fire. But what if the flight attendant had made an announcement before takeoff, explaining that some passengers intended to enjoy their electronic cigarettes intermittently during the flight? You would see the vapor and NOT freak out…

Here’s to hoping!

We get a lot of questions from customers wanting to know if they can enjoy their ecigs on airplanes. Our blog post from January 2012, called, “Can I fly with my electronic cigarette?” is one of the most visited pages on our website. So we figured we would give you an update on travel regulations, even though not much has changed since then. It’s always helpful to have the most up-to-date information!

Read on for a timeline of regulations, tips on traveling with e-cigarettes, and some other interesting stuff.

Timeline of “Regulations”

1998: Cigarette smoking was banned on airplanes

2010: According to a post on the TSA blog,

“E-Cigarettes are becoming more and more popular and I’m happy to report that TSA has no problem with e-cigs being packed in your carry-on or checked bags. Now as far as using them on a flight, I would suggest you contact your airline and see what they have to say.”

This is still the policy…

airplane no smoking sign2010 – 2011: Following a regulatory hearing, the DOT posted this “policy”. According to Senator Lautenberg,

“Smoking of electronic cigarettes is already banned on U.S. air carrier and foreign air carrier flights in scheduled intrastate, interstate and foreign air transportation. See 49 USC §41706 and 14 CFR Part 252 (Part 252).”

We checked out the updated version of 14 CFR Part 252, and weren’t surprised to find that the senator quoted this proposed rule as if it were a fact.

July 2013: The DOT decided during a review of their agenda, that the rule is fine as-is (for now). This is what they said:

“OST’s [office of the Secretary] plain language review indicates no need for substantial revision. The agency has determined that the existing rule does not have a significant effect on a substantial number of small entities.”

Another win for e-cigarettes
Now: That’s it. It’s been two years and we’re still waiting for another answer. After the review in July, it doesn’t look like we’ll be hearing anything soon…

But don’t worry, because the final decisions are still up to the individual airlines, and you can still get through security with your stuff.


1. Keep all of your vaping supplies in your carry-on
2. If you’re not going on a long trip, take some V2 Disposables with you so you don’t have to worry about chargers and refills
3. Check with the airline to see if they allow the use of electronic cigarettes in flight (chances are, they’ll say “no”)
4. Ask the flight attendant for permission to enjoy your e-cigarette
5. If you’re not willing to ask permission, go to the restroom (but we didn’t tell you that…)
6. Remember that you’re not doing anything illegal – if there is a conflict; consequences are up to the individual airlines. So make sure you’re friendly and polite!

Traveling with Batteries & E-Liquid

Yes, it’s okay for you to travel with your batteries… V2 Cigs’ batteries are powered by lithium ion cells, and TSA says that these types of batteries are safe for air travel. Just pack all of your ecig supplies in your carry-on baggage so that you can keep an eye on your stuff! You’ll also need to remember the 3 ounce rule for liquids.

Regulatory Agencies

In case you want to look into this matter on your own, here are links to the official agency’s websites:
DOT is the Department of Transportation
FAA is the Federal Aviation Administration
TSA is the Transportation Security Agency


It’s fine for you to travel with your e-cigarettes. Just be sensible and avoid attracting any negative attention. Turn potential conflicts into opportunities to educate other people about the benefits of electronic cigarettes!

Stay tuned for more travel updates!

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Comments (4)

  1. cosav says:

    I travel frequently for work and have learned to search for a window seat, keep the lighted end of my ecig in my hand, turn toward the window to inhale, and slowly exhale downwards. I do it all the time and no one has ever noticed.

  2. Raymond says:

    I keep reading about all these crazy stories about how people would react on an airplain,or resturant when we vape because of the smoke they see. I totally understand,but the easiest way you can only smoke or vape without scaring anyone else is just go to the restroom. Is that really that hard to do. I do it just so no one panicks or say something about it.

  3. tee says:

    i fly frequently for business out of a small regional airport. the TSA folks there have repeatedly intercepted my bag containing extra carts and done a manual search. apparently, “carts look like bullets”, as one of the TSA officers told me.

    anticipating this, i now place the pouch that contains my spare carts in the bin along with the baggie full of liquids, so they can inspect more closely without going through my other belongings.

    i’ve only experienced this at my local airport, so this experiences may not be generalizable to other airport.

  4. Scott says:

    I fly close to 100k a year, national & international. They have begun to explicitly say that ecigs are not allowed on the plane during their announcements. But, I have found that as long as you are discreet, the flight attendents do not seem to care if they notice. The key is to be discreet when you take a puff and *slowly* exhale. If you do it right, there should be little to no “smoke” in the air. Another trick is to use a beverage of some kind to blow into for a “reverse bong hit” effect. If you do it right, no one should think twice or notice anything out of the ordinary. I would be 100% behind a ban on ecigs on planes because if everyone could blow clouds, there would be a serious problem. Hopefully if we continue to conduct ourselves responsibly, they will not have to come down hard with the rules…also- there is always the bathroom. Just be careful. I once set off a fire alarm in a hotel room & had to quickly draw a hot shower to have an excuse when the staff knocked on the door. …also, some airports now say that vaping along with smoking are only in designated areas. I have ignored his and will continue to ignore it….but again, don’t be a d*ck. Clouds are fun at home, but all it takes is one ignorant as*hole to call security over because they saw someone “smoking”.