E-Cigs & Traditional Cigarettes – What’s the Difference?

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Are you considering making the switch away from traditional cigarettes? If so, you’re probably here to learn a bit more about e-cigs before you take the leap. Whether you’re doing research for yourself or someone else, it’s always best to know the facts before starting something new…

So what are the differences between traditional cigarettes and e cigarettes?

1. Cost – You can save hundreds of dollars each month by switching to e-cigs; with reusable and refillable components, there’s no need to re-up your supply more than once a month.


2. Smell – Most non-smokers, and even some smokers, find the smell of cigarettes and their smoke, repulsive. E-cigs produce no smell; some flavors emit a light, pleasant aroma when exhaled, but this aroma dissipates within seconds.

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3. Regulations – For now, there are no real federal regulations surrounding e cigarettes. Fans can vape almost anywhere they please… Smokers can NOT!


4. Carcinogens – There are thousands of proven carcinogens in traditional cigarettes and their smoke; the liquid in an e cig doesn’t contain carcinogens.


5. Nicotine Intake – An e-cig allows you to control your nicotine intake; you can enjoy e-liquids with as much or as little nicotine as you prefer. With traditional cigarettes, you have no control over the amount of nicotine you inhale.


6. Pollution – Once smoked, traditional cigarettes turn into butts. E-cigs don’t. Traditional cigarettes emit toxic smoke. E-cigs don’t. Traditional cigarettes contribute to the rising global pollution issue. E-cigs don’t!


7. Aesthetics – Some of the e cigarettes at V2 Cigs are designed to look and feel like traditional cigarettes, but there are a few key differences: e-cigs have light-up tips that don’t burn; V2 EX blanks are see-through, so fans can see how much liquid is left; and, our new EX batteries feature indicator lights on the tip which tell you how much battery is left.

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There’s no argument that an e-cig is less costly, more convenient and essentially, a smarter alternative to traditional cigarettes. Whatever your reason, there are a variety of options that will fit your lifestyle, all while staying well under your budget. For the best e-cig on the market, visit us at www.v2cigs.com.

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  1. Amy says:

    I have just made the switch from regular cigarettes to the V2cigarette. I have to say it’s so much like the real thing that I haven’t had an actual bona fide cigarette for more than 24 hours. My husband and I both smoke, so it’s been difficult over the years to get us both wanting to quit at the same time. This is a great transitional product I think. As long as I maintain my resolve to diminish the level of nicotine overtime I should be at 0% in probably three months. I say three months because I’d like to be honest with myself. It is very hard to quit smoking. I know that the FDA does not want these companies to market their product as a smoking cessation alternative. But-it does seem like a good way to start if you don’t think you can just do it cold turkey. I already noticed that I don’t smell bad. My breath doesn’t smell. My husband, who likes to smoke in the car, can now do so without getting a ration of crap from me. I really like the fact that I can hand select the level of nicotine that I am exposing myself to until I’m using the vapor cartridges that actually contain 0% nicotine. If you are on the fence about trying this product, you can research where this is sold and actually go pick up a battery, one cartridge and a rapid USB charger for less than $15 in most places. It seems like a small investment for a larger return over time